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MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2010-12-14

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

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  • 3 Alternative Uses For Chopsticks: #Chinesecomics #
  • A bad night with our 2.9 y/o sick with 拉肚子. In the AM he was ok but 拉肚子 again. He said, “不要告诉妈妈,他哭了。 Don’t tell mommy because she’ll cry.” #
  • How the Mongol Invasion of 1206 Impacts China Today China in the 2000s is similar in many ways to China in 1200s. #
  • Only 1 in 5 Americans said that the U.S. economy is the world’s strongest—nearly half picked China instead. -Allstate/NatJo Heartland poll #
  • To the bank today our 2.9 y/o asked in Chinese where we were going. “我们去银行. We’re going to the bank.” he then asked, “买钱吗? To buy money?” #
  • A Chinese train went 302 miles per hour. Some said “Great!” But the guy in the bathroom called it “the worst day of my life.” -Jimmy Fallon #
  • In the Sydney Morning Herald they report that Australia would side with the US if a war with China broke out. Imagine the awkward laughs! #
  • Do Not Forget The Rice: #Chinesecomics #
  • “China must guide North Korea to a better future. No country in the world has more influence in Pyongyang than China.” -Adm Mike Mullen #
  • Headline: China computer virus creator donates cash for panda. “Did he infect the panda’s secure network? Hacking into the bamboo supply?!” #
  • Chinese Character For Prisoner: #Chinesecomics #
  • Sunday Printouts: NY TIMES about too many graduates in China and not enough jobs. Welcome to the real world ant tribes! #
  • Good to know Chinese: 马斯洛需求层次论 [mǎ sī luò xū qiú céng cì lùn] Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Who is Maslow and why does he need a hierarchy? #
  • Christmas concert at church tonight my 2.9 y/o and I saw the 牧羊人 Shepherds and he said in Chinese, “他们没有穿鞋子!They aren’t wearing shoes!” #
  • Finally was able to get an e-mail sign up list for Mail Chimp is great. Does it work for G-mail though? Sign up one and all! #
  • A 7 y/o girl in Taiwan subsisted on Diet Coke and chocolate which resulted in huge stomach ulcers. They don’t call it ROT GUT for nothing! #
  • Recent MLA study shows that Arabic, Korean and Chinese are the fastest growing languages in US colleges. Come on Americans, gotta learn one! #
  • Amazing to think that our boy was born 3 years ago today in Shanghai, China. December 14th. 生日快乐! Happy Birthday buddy! #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2010-12-21

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

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  • 10 Emotions In Chinese: #Chinesecomics #
  • A 2,400 y/o pot of soup found in a Chinese tomb. It’s gotta be priceless. So there’s hope for that green 4 month old 酸辣汤 soup in the fridge! #
  • The China Daily recently reported that 40 million foreigners are learning Chinese worldwide. No matter what, you’re still a foreigner. #
  • Book Idea: Having a Baby in China. Want to contribute?: Having a Baby in ChinaWestern Spo… #Chinesecomics #
  • There’s still time to get our Book! Think of that Chinese student on your Christmas list! #
  • Rubles for Renminbi. What’s next? Borsht for 北京 Duck? Vodka for BaiJiu 白酒?Red Square for Tiananmen Square? Big fur hats for uh big fur hats? #
  • China Daily is reporting of a Colorado guy who plays original Chinese music. Welcome to the next generation of “Michael Learns to Rock.” ugh #
  • Gospel Of Luke Chapter 2 Verses 1-3 in Chinese: Pinyin Romanization Frame 1: dàng nàxiērì… #Chinesecomics #
  • My 3 y/o calls his small red crocs his 洞洞鞋 dòng dòng xié hole hole shoes. Funny! #
  • AOL Autos has a piece about Chinese electric cars. Are people forgetting the toys, drywall and milk formula? We think e-cars will work? #
  • Just found a great book with an unforgettable name. “The Year I Smelled Like Milk: Stories from Beijing and Beyond” #
  • Today we’re closing on our new house! Bring the firecrackers! (Chinese custom with a new house) We’re going to annoy our new neighbors!! #
  • Couple Cool new things at!: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  There I got t… #Chinesecomics #
  • “The GAP FEED USA Denim Bucket bags are made in China. We apologize for any inaccurate messaging.” -Renate Geerlings GAP spokeswoman. #
  • CNN has finally caught on to Shanzhai stuff. They report a fake iPad, iPhone and even a Steve Jobs doll on an Apple stand. CEASE + DESIST! #
  • RT @chinastories: 5 Things Congress Should Do About China 1. Broaden 2. Delegate 3. Support 4. Sustain 5. Protect #
  • “Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was.” -Obama. Amen to that! #
  • We were both just wished a Merry Christmas from our 3 y/o in English! “Merry Christmas mommy and daddy! 圣诞快乐!妈妈爸爸! #
  • Mx is making 煎饼 jiānbǐng this morning. Our 3 y/o told me that he’s eating a 北京 Běijīng. We corrected him. Interesting he mixed up that way. #
  • “Chinese do not want to be seen culturally as having been ‘had’ by Western businesspeople.” -Saul Gitlin of Kang & Lee Advertising #
  • Washington Post has an article “Who’s more Toxic China or India?” I’m sorry but anyone who invents 臭豆腐 STINKY DOFU is definitely toxic! #
  • Gospel Of Luke Chapter 2 Verses 4-5 in Chinese: Pinyin Romanization: Frame 1: yuēsè yě có… #Chinesecomics #
  • AP reports China’s coal supply is running short and many in the North have no power. Lots of rice cookers won’t be working tonight! #
  • This weekend introduced @aaronneville to MX and my 3 y/o. It was on a Christmas collection. He’s the Beijing Opera of Western Music. #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2010-12-28

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

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  • Gospel Of Luke Chapter 2 Verses 6-7 in Chinese: Pinyin Romanization: Frame 1: tāmen zài n… #Chinesecomics #
  • USA Today says that Chinese Media to Ban English Words. Wish they did that before I heard the Chinese version of Jingle Bells, with English! #
  • 1. 5 year old Dumpling with a hook. 2. Dainty red paper cuttings. 3. Shanzhai Snoopy and Garfield hugging each other. #ChineseXmasOrnaments #
  • Rolling Stone reports that Guns N Roses plans a follow up album to "Chinese Democracy." The new album is called "On Second Thought" #
  • Obama met with the CEOs of top companies about creating more jobs in the US. After the meeting, the CEOs went home to China. @ConanObrien #
  • Another half a billion or so Chinese will be born. America will go into more debt and China will be paying. #2011predictions #
  • "Happy birthday Hu Jintao! Obama was going to get him a present, but it’s weird buying someone a gift with their own money." @JimmyFallon #
  • India visited and the party was crashed. Mexico visited and they criticized an Arizona law. China visits in January 2011. What will happen? #
  • Washington Times talks about robot waiters in a 济南, 山东 hotpot restaurant where they "never get tips." Go to China. No tips for humans, too! #
  • Gospel Of Luke Chapter 2 Verses 8-9:

    Pinyin Romanization:
    Frame 1: zài bólìhéng zhī yě dì… #Chinesecomics #

  • Repost Four Stages Of Life: #Chinesecomics #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-04

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

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  • Repost Do You Study Shanghainese: #Chinesecomics #
  • “The Chinese are kicking our butts in everything. We’ve become a nation of wussies.” -Ed Rendell PA Governor, about snow cancelled NFL game #
  • Repost You Have Lived In Shanghai Too Long When: #Chinesecomics #
  • “I think Beijing is capable of acting irrationally when it comes to Taiwan.” -Eric McVadon retired Rear Adm. #
  • I read today that Chinese is now the number 1 language on the web. I think that’s reason number 450 million to learn Chinese. #
  • Happy New Year to Americans. Happy Lunchtime to those in China! #
  • Don’t look now but the GOOGLE graphic today has a big MMX on it. Looks to me like M and Mx. Cool. Thanks Google for advertising! #
  • We tried our own HOTPOT today in our new electric hot pot. It was almost intoxicating. I’m tired, full and happy. Mx made 蛋饺 dàn jiǎo too. #
  • Beijing’s car quotas. Qian Yunhui’s body under a truck tire. John Huntsman running for President in 2012? Another great year of China News! #
  • MX had to look this one up today. I had a hard time explaining it. The Baroque period. 巴洛克时代 Bāluòkè shídài If it ain’t 巴洛克 don’t fix it! #
  • Ready For Winter: #Chinesecomics #
  • Hu Jintao’s visit will be the most important top-level US-Chinese meeting since Deng Xiaoping’s trip. -Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s NSA #
  • “The imaginary “grass mud horse,” which sounds in Chinese like a strong expletive, was part of a viral video hit last year.” -USA TODAY #
  • Coupons are the rage now in China. I wish there was a coupon for the local 山东煎饼 guy on the corner. But when it’s already 2 RMB probably not. #
  • MX just taught me that hop scotch in Chinese is 跳房子 tiàofángzi. I guess because the thing on the ground looks like a house. #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-11

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

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  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-04: Repost Do You Study Shanghainese: http… #Chinesecomics #
  • 我和我的3岁的儿子出外面。 这里冷死了。我们一个小时在外面。 进去的时候他有鼻涕。他跟我说,“爸爸,睿恩鼻涕出来” 我说,“没关系,爸爸也有鼻涕。” 他回答说,“爸爸有鼻涕,睿恩也有鼻涕。” 他很搞笑吧! My 1st SINA Weibo post in Chinese!#
  • 3岁儿子说他要吃苹果。Our 3 y/o wanted an apple. 我一拿苹果他用英文就告诉我, I got the apple he told me in English, “洗苹果,爸爸 wash the apple, daddy.” 啊呀! #
  • Chinese Pick Up Lines: #Chinesecomics #
  • Tai’an City in Shandong home of the 1st in a long time fatal shooting of 3 police officers. Sad but 1 guy had a homemade pistol. 山寨 pistol? #
  • MX looks up 8 million words on @nciku a day. She’s complaining that every 2nd or 3rd word the site crashes or cannot be found. Strange. #
  • “China is encouraging for foreign investors because it is “a huge market” with “great entrepreneurial spirit.” -Niklas Zennström, Skype #
  • AOL News reports that China has a J20 stealth fighter but tells us that it hasn’t even been flown yet and won’t be ready till 2018! SCARY!? #
  • China: 黑龙江 tiger breeding area tour bus + tourists watching in horror as the driver is dragged into the woods by a tiger! #
  • Coal mined in Montana, shipped from Washington state and burned in China. Who is responsible for the pollution? #
  • RT @panphil @bittman China’s CDC worried about obesity. Our comic from 7/2010 about China’s obesity #
  • Chinese Notes on 2 Recent Comics: Two of our recent comics have a bit of a story to tell… #Chinesecomics #
  • I just read that Beijing is planning a 7 star hotel. What in the world is a 7 star hotel? A hotel where you can get a chocolate pillow? #
  • At a Xi’an clinic they don’t bury most of the fetuses, only those that are 3 or 4 months, clearly resembling mini babies. #
  • Asking Dumb Questions In China: #Chinesecomics #
  • LA Times has a graphic comparing China and US military. US spends ridiculously more than China. That makes me feel better #
  • Animal Planet about China’s valley of Elephants. Weirdly showed a guy getting massaged twice. Not by elephants. #
  • Chinese people don’t like cold? Watch this if you can: A Chinese guy in only his underwear in ice for 2 hours! #
  • MX is convinced that men’s stuff (clothes watches shaving etc) are more expensive then any women’s things (clothes, earrings, make up etc) #
  • MX and I have this annoying song in our heads. She found it on KaixinWang 开心网. It’s called 忐忑 and there are numerous variations all over. 啊呀 #
  • Another Chinese guy has a horn growing out of his head. That’s 2 in China. Why are so many old Chinese people so horny lately? #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-18

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

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  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-11:

    MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2… #Chinesecomics #

  • The Masters of Music Meet Hilarious comic about Yo Yo Ma playing somebody's music. FUNNY! #
  • In Washington, D.C. people read the most in America. In NYC, we read too: parking tickets, ransom notes, Chinese take-out menus. -Letterman #
  • Sino US Relations LuoJie's newest comic. Classic scene of complete confusion between both countries. #
  • Defense Secretary Gates has 3 reasons why he's not scared of China's new stealth fighter. Is 1 of those because it's MADE IN CHINA? #
  • Do Not Cry Over Spilled Milk In Chinese:

    Inspired by post here. #Chinesecomics #

  • RT @shanghaiist: Scared of becoming a pickpocket victim in Shanghai? Avoid these places: YEAH EVERYWHERE! #
  • So you can buy pink Mao Zedongs in NYC now I hear. Our green Benjamin Franklins are much more manly than a pink Mao. And green! #
  • WSJ: 47% of Americans think China is the world’s leading economic power. 12% of Chinese believe them. #
  • "China does not, first, export revolution; second, export poverty and hunger; third, cause troubles for you." -Xi Jinping, next Chinese prez #
  • RT @weirdshanghai: Firefly's 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them) – Topless Robot "I'll check with MX if real!" #
  • Chinese visit to US coming. Chinese buying racing pigeons in Belgium? Hollywood theater has a new play called "Chinese Coffee". #
  • Man near Beijing pretended his truck was a military truck and went through toll booths over 2,300 times. Life in prison? #
  • Man near Beijing pretended his truck was a military truck and went through toll booths over 2,300 times. Life in… #
  • “Such figures highlight the people’s suffering,” lawyer, Xu Mingxuan in the 北京News about the driver who got life sentence for evading tolls. #
  • Today our 3 y/o told me his first lie. I asked him, "这是什么?What is this?" He answered, "爸爸是水. Daddy it's water." It wasn't. It was 小便. pee. #
  • I would love to meet a guy who scalps tickets and scams people on train tickets going home for Spring Festival. And then punch them. #
  • Does this guy shoveling snow off of his roof speak Chinese at the end? 我回来了! 不好玩了!Am I right? Check it out! #
  • MX warned me that if I drink too much beer I'll soon have a 啤酒肚 píjiǔdù. In both cultures we have the same expression. No chance though. #
  • Nursery at church today for our 3 y/o without mom and dad. He said in Chinese: "不要,因为小朋友都是坏蛋! No because the kids are all bad!" #
  • Sunday reading: WSJ Amy Chua's "Chinese Mothers are Superior" for the 10th time and the Western Mothers response. Plus reader reaction. #
  • RT @steven_daniels: If you want to compliment someone with a beer belly, say they have a 将军肚 jiānɡjūndù (General's Belly). GREAT IT WORKED! #
  • Friends are coming over for dinner who have a little girl a bit younger than our 3 y/o. We keep saying that his 女朋友 nǚpéngyou is coming! #
  • If you look at right now: HU QUESTIONS DOLLAR! #
  • If you look at right now: HU QUESTIONS DOLLAR! #
  • Just introduced Super Mario Bros. to my 3 y/o and MX calls it in Chinese 超级玛丽 Chāojí mǎlì which is SUPER MARY! Hilarious. #
  • Just introduced Super Mario Bros. to my 3 y/o and MX calls it in Chinese 超级玛丽 Chāojí mǎlì which is SUPER MARY!… #
  • That inside-the-box thinking is why Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a cure for cancer will never come from China. -Betsy Hart #
  • That inside-the-box thinking is why Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a cure for cancer will never come from China…. #
  • Glenn Beck Is Worried That Chinese Culture Is Influencing America It all starts with the Zhu Zhu Pets… #
  • Americanization In China: #Chinesecomics #

  • "When was the last time #Beijing offered its own peace plan for the Arab-Israeli conflict, for instance?" -Jonathan Eyal, Straits Times #
  • "When was the last time Beijing offered its own peace plan for the Arab-Israeli conflict, for instance?" -Jonathan Eyal, Straits Times #
  • China is shot through w/ corruption + bogus accounting practices that make subprime mortgage bundles look like gold bullion. -Jonah Goldberg #
  • LA TIMES: Jonah Goldberg – America's China syndrome Great article. Must read. "Not sure what all the fuss is about!" #
  • "It is a big deal. Big, big, big, big. Big deal." -Mayor Daly about Hu Jintao's visit to Chicago after Washington DC. #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-25

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

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  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-18: MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2… #Chinesecomics #
  • I wonder if Hu Jintao understands about repealing of #Obamacare He probably ducked out of some meeting and turned on FoxNews and cheered! #
  • Overheard at the Whitehouse: “Mr. Obama, does Walmart really sell guns to the people?” “Yes, Mr. Hu. They do. Wanna see?” “Oh, yes please.” #
  • There was an awkward moment when the Chinese president met Obama’s daughters asking them, “So what factories do you kids work at?” -Jay Leno #
  • RT @BorowitzReport Hu Jintao said he would crack down on software piracy, but then added, “Madden 2012 is amazing.” #
  • One Sentence Book Review: Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother By Amy Chua: #Chinesecomics #
  • Don’t hit chopsticks on the sides of your bowl of rice. I did that a few times without thinking and the stares weren’t good. #ChinaEtiquette #
  • “I worked in a Chinese restaurant.” -Barbra Streisand, her answer to why she came to the state dinner for Hu Jintao President of China. #
  • Old video of previous president Jiang Zemin speaking only 3 English words. “Too Simple” and “NAIVE” Funny! #
  • “China has gotten cocky because it is growing at 10% while US unemployment rate is close to 10%.” -Larry Kudlow, NRO #
  • Interesting question going around: Why is Hu Jintao going to Chicago? Probably he heard of the new Peking Duck Deep Dish Pizza. The PDDDP!! #
  • Bernie Sanders is freaking out that US Presidents Busts sold at Smithsonian gift shop in DC are all made in #China Welcome to earth Bernie. #
  • Every time MX give our 3 y/o a chocolate he’s excited and then tells me in Chinese: 爸爸不可以吃! Daddy can’t eat it!” I then feign sadness. #
  • Great #China blog by Expat female marrying a Chinese guy. Congrats you two! @kjsandor and her site Tales from Hebei. #
  • I’m proofreading MX’s paper and she wrote “mChaa沱沱河ight” obviously by mistake. But the Chinese is actually the source of the Yangtze River! #
  • Sexually transmitted disease in Chinese is 花柳病 huāliǔbìng Yes, that’s FLOWER WILLOW SICKNESS. Someone want to explain!? #
  • Did you see those protesters in Chicago against Hu Jintao? “LIAR LIAR HU JINTAO!” They gotta love human rights to be out in THAT cold!? #
  • Why does @cspan not allow Hu Jintao’s Chinese to be heard and only the voice over simultaneous translation? I want to hear his Chinese!? #
  • Obama’s daughter practiced her Chinese with President Hu Jintao. Wonder what she said? Probably, “Your glasses are too big!” #
  • 1st Rosie O’donnell spoke #Chinese Then SNL. Then Rush Limbaugh. Now Steven Colbert. Let’s be consistent. They’re all silly but not racist. #
  • The White house served $200 bottles of wine at the state dinner with Hu Jintao. Quilceda Creek Cabernet. No Great Wall Wine there. #
  • Laughable Headline of the Day: “China to crack down on election irregularities” from the People’s Daily. #
  • RT @dcagle: Ha! Laughed at this cartoon about Obama’s meeting with the Chinese President #tcot #p2 “ME TOO! FUNNY!” #
  • People’s Daily: “China makes its presence felt at Vancouver motorcycle show” HOW? By showing off those awesome motorcycle handle gloves? #
  • RT @illuminantceo: “China’s People’s Daily Says Chinese companies should use microblogs” ARE YOU ON SINA 微博? #
  • Sina 微博 is ablaze with talk about the NEW SHAOLIN Temple 新少林寺. Youku YouTube Looks GREAT! #
  • Sunday Printouts: China’s Dead Babies. Heavy for a Sunday Morning but an interesting read. #
  • Sunday Printouts: The Rise of Chinese Cheneys Kristof does it again. Don’t know if I agree with the comparison though. #
  • Lang Lang plays with Herbie Hancock at the White House for Hu Jintao. 2nd song is the controversial one? Really? #
  • WOW! China Hope Live posted Chinese versions of DR. SUESS! How do they translate Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz from the ABC book? #
  • Accupuncture Credentials: #Chinesecomics #
  • GM sold more vehicles in China last year than in the US. I can’t wait to hear Chinese cursing in traffic like the US. That’ll be funny! #
  • Great collection of Hu Jintao visiting US political cartoons. I love the one “Hu’s Your Sugar Daddy?” #
  • Can anyone tell me why the US is giving $65 million in aid to China per year? Anyone? #
  • My Chinese is so bad I bet my SINA 微博 is the laughing stock of all of China! Come see if you dare. #
  • The Guardian has the South Parkesque Chinese cartoon with an exploding rabbit baby. Yikes. It starts out all innocent #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-01

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011
  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-25: MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2… #Chinesecomics #
  • 12 China Blogs that are Dead or Haven’t Been Updated in a Long Time.: 1. 56 minus 1 or … #Chinesecomics #
  • MX was teaching our 3 y/o Shanghainese the other day. Everything she said he laughed hysterically at. Too funny. #
  • “I thought the low point was when Obama talked about how great China was.” -Donald Trump about Obama’s State of the Union. #
  • 90% of children under 3 years old in Shanghai are being taken care of by grandparents. CNNGo #
  • China has around 320 million working mothers, more than the entire population of the United States. CNNgo #
  • In Shanghai they’re kicking artists out of Weihai Rd to make an artist hangout. Similar to kicking grannies out to make a old folks center! #
  • Amy Chua’s “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” was just released in Beijing. The Chinese title is “我在美国做妈妈“ Ok. WHO CAME UP WITH THAT TITLE? #
  • Can anyone tell me why the @jimmy_wales has tons of his face all over Shanghai? Do Shanghainese even know who he is? #
  • Obama promised to put people to work without spending money! Which is what happens after a visit from the president of China. -Jimmy Kimmel #
  • “US/China state visit in Washington was very festive as the leader of Red China met with our orange speaker of the House.” -Jay Leno #
  • Teaching Chinese: #Chinesecomics #
  • In China, McDonald’s Hamburger U. is harder to get into than Harvard? My 1st choice is Hamburger U but I had to settle for Harvard. HA HA! #
  • 6 Americans Who Mock the #Chinese Language @lelandyee Including Dave Chapelle and Steven Colbert. #
  • 6 Americans Who Mock the #Chinese Language @angryasianman Including Rosie O’donnell and Shaq #
  • 6 Americans Who Mock the Chinese Language @lelandyee Including Dave Chapelle and Steven Colbert. #
  • Documentary: Made in China A guy sets out to understand his father’s childhood as an American growing up in 1930s China. #
  • We’re watching Ming Tsai’s cooking show @SimplyMingTV and our 3 y/o repeated, “加一点柠檬汁 add some lemon juice.” hilarious. #
  • Today our 3 y/o made a LEGO thing and I asked him what it was. He said in English, “It’s China. 是中国!” Then he put it across the room! #
  • Shanghai Daily is reporting that some Carrefour stores were charged thousands for overcharging customers. WHAT’S NEW? Always happened to me! #
  • I’m very excited about my Sino Weibo 新浪微博! Now I have 6 followers! And one person responded to me! COOL! #
  • Watching IP MAN a cool kung fu movie. The good guys speak Cantonese and the bad guys speak Mandarin and the really bad guys speak Japanese! #
  • Chinese New Year Post From Sina Microblog: Original 新浪微博 Sina Microblog post here. #Chinesecomics #
  • Who knew Genghis Khan was an environmentalist! Killing millions was good for the planet! Amazing. #
  • Amazing post from Carl Gene. 222 English Emotions Translated into Chinese no. 53. destructive: – 具有毁灭性 jùyǒu huǐmièxìng #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-08

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011
  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-01: MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-01-25: MandMx Twitt… #
  • Media in the US is all abuzz about #China not allowing searches on #Egypt DUH! Is this really news? How about a kid doing an Egypt report!? #
  • Media in the US is all abuzz about China not allowing searches on Egypt. DUH! Is this really news? How about a kid doing an Egypt report!? #
  • #China blocking info about Egypt. Wealthy Chinese couple plans trip to Egypt. They learn about riots in Egypt from their travel agent. #fail #
  • China blocking info about Egypt. Wealthy Chinese couple plans trip to Egypt. They learn about riots in Egypt from their travel agent. fail #
  • Wow. Chinese New Year's Eve and Groundhog day all on one day. That won't happen again for another 5000 years! Maybe. #
  • Riots in Egypt brought out the camels. I wonder in #China if they would bring out the Pandas!? #
  • Goodbye Tiger Year Hello Rabbit Year: #Chinesecomics #

  • Another Chinese New Year another skyscraper blaze. People liveblogging the New Year's Gala? How about Liveblogging the towering inferno! #
  • Towering Inferno in Shenyang article classic line: fire engines shot water up only 165 ft, the building was 720-ft tall. #
  • Towering Inferno in Shenyang article classic line: fire engines shot water up only 165 ft, the building was 720-ft… #
  • WIRED: Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit everyone in the family sort of knew what animal everyone was. h/t @jonathanhliu #
  • OH NO they just found that the Mona Lisa was really a dude! Next thing we'll hear is the Genghis Khan was really a woman with lotus feet! 啊呀 #
  • "Genius" Busted For Assaulting Pregnant Woman | The Smoking Gun via @tsgnews Chinese on his face is 丑 Ugly 好 good 坏 bad. #
  • Great LuoJie cartoon again! Tiger mother China Daily political cartoonist. #
  • KFC ad from Guangdong or Hong Kong It's Obama yakking about change. Then he gets crushed by a sandwich! #
  • KFC ad from Guangdong or Hong Kong It's Obama yakking about change. Then he gets crushed by a… #
  • In Aodi, Zhejiang Province there's a village that built a high tech "Great Wall" to deter thieves. Complete with a swipe card to get in! #
  • Just saw a kind of scary idea in Australia where people fly to China to get dead people's kidney for transplant. Ethical? #
  • On Sina Weibo 新浪微博 one of the trending topics is "rescue child beggars." Some pretty heart wrenching pictures. 解救乞讨儿童 #
  • Seems like more young people in China are staying in the cities during Spring Festival trying to make money while everyone else goes home! #
  • I told my 3 y/o to stop picking his nose. 别挖鼻子! 别挖鼻子! Then he started picking MY nose and I found myself saying, "Don't pick my nose! 别挖我鼻子! #
  • Amazing how a mummy that looks caucasian is found in Xinjiang, on tour in the US puts all of Chinese history in jeopardy! #
  • Amazing how a mummy that looks caucasian is found in Xinjiang, on tour in the US puts all of Chinese history in… #
  • Sunday Printouts: China's 'Sputnik Moment' China has stopped publishing data on its production of coal. #
  • Sunday Printouts: China, Twitter and 20-Year-Olds vs. the Pyramids China's a challenge for Egypt & Jordan in other ways. #
  • Sunday Printouts: China's Insight into Human Nature Innovation thrived. Science advanced. Lifespan doubled. #
  • Raise Your Personal Manners Spit Out The Window:

    From #Chinesecomics #

  • That Groupon Super Bowl commercial was pretty bizarre. Of all the companies that sell things through Groupon why did they choose Tibet?! 啊呀! #
  • Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to China, told Obama he plans to resign. Reason? "How many nights in a row can you eat Chinese?" —Jay Leno #
  • My 3 y/o was talking in his sleep last night. But it wasn't English. It was Chinese. "这个这个要这个 this this want this" Kind of cool and weird. #

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-15

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

twitter bird01

  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-08: MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2… #Chinesecomics #
  • RT @WorldofChinese This is how foreigners experience Spring Festival in China Very Funny! WHO STILL HAS FIREWORKS!!! in reply to WorldofChinese #
  • I just watched 20 minutes of 非诚勿扰 on Youku and my Chinese sucks so bad. I still don’t know what’s going on! ANNOYING! #
  • Young Chinese Studying In The USA: Inspired by the New York Times Article by Dan Levin ca… #Chinesecomics #
  • “I work, I pay bills, I sleep. 1 day, I’ll be able to work less. That’s the American dream! That’s the #Chinese dream, too!” @JohnDeVore #
  • RT @blackChinahand @AdamMinter @TomLasseter @michetravi Only in China! Photos of tourists feeding live chickens to lions #
  • Chinese say the year is 4709, we say the year is 2011. I’m just going to guess that they probably got the math right on that. -Conan O’brien #
  • RT @markmackinnon 北京 during 春节 always reminds me of a war zone. Deserted streets. Explosions in distance. The occasional building on fire. in reply to markmackinnon #
  • 3 of the bright Texas quadruplets are studying Chinese. Instant study partners! How do you say quadruplets in Chinese!? #
  • “My friends think that I am crazy studying Chinese opera.” Christina Lein, 1st Norwegian to study Chinese opera #
  • 5 Memorable Things I’ve Found at Chinese Supermarkets in Xi’an, China from Snickers to chicken feet! h/t @tomschinablog #
  • The Moral Dilemma of Rickshaws the guy was going to WORK for his money pedaling us large Americans.h/t @BeckyMCFC #
  • Introduction Video!: You Tube Youku #Chinesecomics #
  • NICE! They’re looking for Mandarin Speakers in London’s shopping area to attract Chinese shoppers to high end places! #
  • Big news that China is hacking big oil and gas companies in the US but I don’t want to get hacked! I love China! I love China! #
  • From China with Love Colorful wedding pictures from Henan Province. Love the Reds and the contrast. #
  • Gourmet TV Adventures with RUTH in Yangshuo Cooking School in China. Mouth Watering show. #
  • “I’m not ready to speak Chinese. I don’t want to speak Chinese. This is America.” -Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express. #
  • RT @billyeveryteen Nice thing about learning #Chinese when you realize your speaking skills are same as a kid saying “Elelator” or “Libary” in reply to billyeveryteen #
  • The Ad that Moved Chinese Overseas Students to Tears (with English subtitles) Quite touching. #
  • Sunday Printout: American Spectator, Talking about the Real China “the PRC is fighting tooth and nail” #
  • Sina Microblog On Valentine’s Day: First frame, Second Frame, Third Frame #Chinesecomics #
  • Corruption in China’s rails. Corruption in China’s airport building. And snowfall in the north. I’d like to say there’s SOME good news, but #
  • and while everyone continues to focus on Egypt and the unrest in Thailand, China slips by Japan and becomes the world’s no. 2 economy. #
  • An Aljazeera show about poor Ningxia 宁夏. People don’t have 35 元 for school. My 3 y/o said, “我要给她钱,I’ll give them money!” #
  • In Pictures: China’s changing economy From the 1940s to today, these pictures speak many words! #