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Shanghai Video from EXPO 2010

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

I just saw this video on a new website.  It’s a promotional video about Shanghai.  Usually I don’t like these but since it shows virtually EVERYTHING that Shanghai has, it is a pretty cool video.  I’m assuming though that those living in Shanghai have been seeing this everyday.

The video has everything from Chou Doufu to a foreigner who can’t use chopsticks.  I do like the one foreigner who was taking photos… that was a cool effect.

Enjoy the video!

Shanghai Promo Video

Video found here.

Shanghai Expo Comics and 3 Shanghainese Phrases to use at the EXPO!

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

We here at M and are excited to participate in all the fun out there surrounding the Shanghai Expo.  So we decided to dedicate every MONDAY as our EXPO day until the Expo is over which is in October 2010.  It’s a tall order but we’re willing to do it!  Here’s the link to the first comic!

If you are in Shanghai or heading to Shanghai soon for the EXPO you might want to head to our SHANGHAINESE page.  For a while we made Shanghainese podcasts here at M and  It was pretty popular and we were even mentioned on Shanghaiist at one point.  Here are 3 podcasts that you should listen to so that you can be ready to hear and speak Shanghainese at the Shanghai Expo!

1. HELLO and GOODBYE: These are of course important in order to converse with all the Shanghianese people there.  These are also important if you want to impress some of the locals that are working at the many pavilions around Shanghai.

2. SHANGHAI EXPO: This is of course important because if you can’t say EXPO in Shanghainese… that’s pretty bad.  This way you can talk to all the little old ladies around Shanghai and ask about the Shanghai Expo!

3.  I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM: There should be thousands around but you still might want to say this phrase to make a policeman really happy.  Also, most local Shanghainese will be working at the pavilions so you can really impress them!