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Panda vs. Dragon

Monday, September 1st, 2008

So this is the showdown of the century. Panda vs. Dragon.

Ultimate Showdown

Ultimate Showdown

Who would win?

Who would come out on top? Who would defeat the other?

Panda’s advantages.

1. Even though Pandas are fat and lazy, according to the latest movie out there we know that

pandas do have an ability to learn Kung Fu. Therefore it is possible that the Panda could kick the Dragon’s behind.

2. Pandas are big and usually quite overweight. Therefore the Panda could, if all else fails, sit on the dragon thus crushing him to death.

Dragon’s advantages

1. Dragons are naturally nasty and evil and enjoy eating people so I’m sure it could take a break from eating humans and dine on a Panda treat once in a while. He would have to cut up the Panda into more bitesize pieces though.

2. Dragons breathe fire. Pandas don’t work well around fires.

Verdict: you decide!