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Rush Hour in Shanghai

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Everyone complains about rush hour in Shanghai.  So what the heck.  I will too.

If you ever wanted to be a part of something.  If you ever wanted to be just a face in the crowd.  If you ever wanted to be swept away by masses of people.  If you ever wanted to be just a face in the crowd.  If you ever wanted to be a small insignificant speck on the earth’s surface…than come to People’s square subway station at about 5pm on a Tuesday evening.  Heck, any night of the year would do.  The massive amounts of people who are moving from line one to line two to line eight and then back again is amazing.

Sometimes when I enter into exit 19 of People square subway station and swipe my card at the turnstyle, what I see before me is a massive rush of people unlike anything you want to be a part of.  It reminds me of my summers at camp in the Adirondack mountains when we went swimming in the mountain rivers and streams.  You knew that this massive rush of water was going to swallow you up as you entered in and thanked God you had a life preserver on.

At this point, I’ve looked at the flow, the deluge of people streaming through the station.  I walk straight toward them and get swept in and swept away.  Next thing I know I see the place where I’m supposed to go and I can’t get over the rush, the flow, the current- ah… I’ve missed my turn.  I’ll try the next one.

Sometimes you see poor unfortunate souls who are going against the flow.  They get beaten, they get pushed, they get shoved back, by me yet they press on.  I have to go on record here by saying that ONLY in People’s Square subway station you have to go with the flow.  You just have to.  Just make sure you wear your life preserver.