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6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

A while back we decided to take a look at twitter and see if we could convert some of the classic pithy lines about China into a comic feature.  Well, we’ve done six so far and there are more to come.  I decided to start in one place though, in Beijing.  Only because we just wanted to focus on one place and then later switch to another place.  I think that with these six tweets and comics that go with them, you can really learn a lot about expat life in Beijing!  Click on the comic to the left to see the original size!  If you’d like your tweets to be made into comics, go here!

2010 01 25%20Beijing%20Winters 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!1.  First one was @subirubi who tweeted way back about how cold the winters were in Beijing.  I agree.  I’ve been there and froze too.






2010 07 28%20Tweet%20from%20the%20Great%20Wall%20of%20China 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!

2.  Then comes @erasedtapes who was in Beijing visiting.  I thought his tweet was quite vivid about the great wall of China so we did our own interpretation of it.






2010 08 11%20Expat%20Tweet%20from%20Beijing 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!3.  This tweet from @jkpitmann really shows the environmental issues in Beijing.  She arrives back in Beijing and her respiratory system is not happy with her.





2010 11 05%20Tweet%20from%20@BeijingwithKids 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!4.  I’ve been reading @beijingwithkids now @lantaumama for a while now and she’s always got interesting things that she’s tweeting.







2010 11 26%20Expat%20Tweets%20from%20Beijing%20@sarahplusone 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!5.  This one tweet from @sarahplusone was too good to let go.  She was voicing her frustration with the Bank of China in a way that many expats I’m sure feel.






2011 04 07%20Expat%20Tweets%20from%20Beijing 6 Expat Tweets from Beijing as comics!6.  One of the co-hosts of the Sinica Podcast, @imagethief always has interesting things to say about life in China.  His site quite interesting and his twitter feed is equally good.





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