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SHANGHAI ALPHABET C: Coffee, Concerts, Construction, Church and Chopsticks

Monday, June 18th, 2007

We move on to C now in our ever expanding Shanghai Alphabet.

Thankfully the city has coffee. The cool thing is we have coffee here from all parts of the world.
American coffee bars, chinese coffee bars, (that look mysteriously like Starbucks) we even have Japanese coffee products including coffee in a can, like a coke, and even coffee gum, when you just can’t get enough of that coffee breath…

Michelle, my wife, and I often try to go to the myriad of concerts that are going on all the time here in Shanghai. The last one we went to was an awesome Jazz concert and the musicians were all from Shanghai. We even got to talk with the musicians afterward, while holding complimentary drinks… cool

Everywhere you go in Shanghai there is construction. Literally. This city keeps you on your toes. You have to be careful about choosing landmarks to remember places by…
perhaps next week, they’ll be torn down. When you look out over the city skyline you can count the cranes and the buildings under construction. Roads, buildings, sidewalks, restaurants, parks, schools, donut shops, offices, you name it, it’s under construction.

Yes, there is a church in Shanghai. Actually there are quite a few. I’m finding new ones everyday. I go to one chuch regularly, ever week. There is one that is closer to my home but doesn’t have an English translation for me to listen to. There are many Catholic churches,
one big one in Xujiahui which is huge and there are many in the outlying suburbs around Shanghai. There are even new churches that are under construction. That is two “C”s.

Home of Chinese food and home of the Chopstick. 2 of course. This is my wife buying chopsticks that we were going to use for our USA wedding. There are chopsticks everywhere. Nice ones and cheap ones and expensive ones and disposable ones

现在我是中国人了! (Now I’m Chinese)

Friday, January 9th, 2009


这个星期六我们约 了他们一家人到家里吃晚饭。当然准备的是中餐,一人一双筷子,大家坐定下来,第一道上的是春卷,Kate先帮Sarah把春卷切成了小块。小姑娘拿起筷 子,对于一个3岁的孩子,特别是从来没有拿过筷子的孩子来说,拿筷子真的很有难度。我们给Sarah示范了好几次,还是没有成功。大人们开始说话,注意力 也就没在Sarah身上。这时候M示意大家小声点,我们看到Sarah用筷子夹起了一小段春卷,大家都屏住了呼吸,她笨拙得把筷子上的食物 放到了嘴里。我们开始欢呼起来.”Sarah, you made it!” 连睿恩都因为大家的欢呼雀跃而跟着拍起手来。

Sarah在吃掉了春卷之后,得意得说:”Now I’m Chinese!”(现在我是中国人了), 引得大家哈哈大笑。


MandMx Radio: Disposable Chopsticks and 8 alternatives

Saturday, August 21st, 2010

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