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Me and Mooncakes

Monday, September 26th, 2005
So many Moon Cakes so little time. Good thing their shelf life is like a million years…or something.
-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Posted Monday September 26th 2005 11:37pm

4 Alternative Uses for Moon Cakes

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival is here! And one of the most loved parts of Mid Autumn Festival is the moon cakes. Moon cakes are something that Western people don’t really understand. In my opinion, Chinese people don’t really understand them either.

According to Chinese history, the moon cake is supposed to represent “roundness” and “the moon.” The roundness part I understand, moon cakes are round, but the moon? The moon cake looks nothing like a crater filled rock in the sky. But what do I know.

Mid Autumn festival is a time in the lunar calendar when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. Living in China during the Mid Autumn Festival is a nice time and sometimes you do get those warm fuzzies. Until you sink your teeth into a moon cake and find that inside is an egg, or meat or something you never would have expected.

So in honor of Mid Autumn Festival, I have decided to use the moon cakes for something else altogether. So with out further ado, here is the 4 alternatives uses for Moon cakes.

4. Toy Car Tires

3. Hockey pucks

2. Fix a chair

1. Security purposes

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Mid Autumn Festival: 7 Hollywood “Mooncake” Movies Remakes we’d like to see…

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节 is coming soon and that’s when people are eating more mooncakes in China.  Last year at this time we had some alternative uses for mooncakes.


But this year we wanted to add a bit of Hollywood to the mix.  So, here are 7 Hollywood “Mooncake” Movies Remakes that we’d like to see:

7. Saw 7


6. The Mooncake Code


5. KungFu Panda


4.  Transformers 3: Revenge of the Mooncake.


3.  007


2.  Lord of the Mooncakes.


1.  Mooncake 9.


Can you think of anymore??