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Shanghaihua: hello goodbye 上海话- 你好再见

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Welcome to the first ever Shanghai Dialect Podcast from  Listen for free and impress the over 20 million Shanghainese around the world!


Today’s Lesson:  Hello and Goodbye.

今天的节目: 你好, 再见

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Shanghaihua: Thank you 上海话: 谢谢你

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Thank you is one of the most important phrases in English and also in Chinese.  But in Shanghai we use it all the time.  So this is a super useful phrase.  Use it at work, use it at the restaurant, use it on the bus, use it on the subway, etc etc.

”谢谢你“是英文和中文中最重要的字句之一。 在上海话里我们一样也经常会用到!  大家可以在上班的时候用到,在饭店用到,在公交车里用到,地铁里用到。现在就跟M和MX一起来学这句上海话吧!!!

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Shanghaihua: I don’t know 上海话: 我不知道

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

What is your name?  I don’t know.  Where are you from?  I don’t know.  What are you doing?  I don’t know!  Do you have a girlfriend?  I don’t know.  So much fun!  You can use this with every question that you get in Shanghai,remember it’s good practice!

你叫什么名字? 不知道。 你是哪个国家的? 不知道。  你到哪里去? 我不知道! 你有没有女朋友? 我不知道! 太好玩啦! 在上海每个问题你可以这样说, 你可以这样练习!

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Shanghainese 上海话: Money money money 钱 钱 钱

Saturday, August 1st, 2009


This is our 30th SHOW!  WOW!  Cool.  我们第三十个节目! 厉害!

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Comics having to do with MONEY on

New Year’s Lucky Money.

A whole week of relationship comics relating to money.  “My money is mine and your money is mine!”

Learn Shanghainese Online!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

“Nong hao!”  That’s HELLO in Shanghainese!  ww-shanghainese

Have you ever tried studying Shanghainese?  It’s hard.  Harder than studying Mandarin.  That’s because Shanghainese is a spoken dialect mainly spoken in the bustling city of Shanghai which is home to almost 20 million.  This is not a dialect you can open a book and study, this is a dialect that you MUST hear and learn.  There are many sources on the web for those learning Shanghainese.  Let’s look at a few:

Sinosplice has a great couple posts about Shanghainese.  The first one is a list of a bunch of books that teach the dialect but that was published back in 2005.  But there is also a cool flash “click and hear” thing on his website.  That’s really fun and we totally recommend going there! had an interesting post back  in 2006 about learning Shanghainese but most of those links are not working anymore.

Language hat has an interesting post also from back in 2006 about learning Shanghainese and a few links and some quote about a dialect.  Some of those links are also not working. is a Chinese website that features music and rap from Shanghai.  Go there if you can read Chinese.  We downloaded a really cool 10 minute Shanghainese rap! is called Practice Chinese and they have a good description about what Shanghainese is.

California State University at Long Beach has an interesting page of links for Shanghainese.  The site was last updated back in 2007.

Soyouwanttolearnalanguage website has a list of links for Shanghainese which is useful.  But it only has one podcast listed there.  Only one.

Omniglot has a page on Shanghainese pronunciation which is useful if you know the INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET.

Wikipedia has a great in depth post on Shanghainese.  For most though it will be TOO in depth.  We found it really interesting!

Shanghai is an interesting website that has collected a lot of words and phrases for the learner of Shanghainese.  The site is difficult to work through but pretty cool.  The only problem is, no sound.

Shanghai Texts from Lance Eccles from University of West Sydney which is a free e-book on PDF that you can download and learn about Shanghainese.  COOL!

Wangjianshuo’s website has a couple posts about Shanghainese.  He talks about an age old question for those coming to China, Should I learn Mandarin or Shanghainese? These posts though are from a long time ago.

Annals of Wu is a great intellectual site about the WU dialect which Shanghainese belongs to.  From time to time they post up an audio file which helps a lot.  Plus the site looks really cool too!

Shanghaiist is a website where you can get all the news about Shanghai and a few stories here and there about Shanghainese.  There are stories about typing Shanghainese, and helping the Shanghainese prepare for the World Expo which comes next year.  But these two posts in particular are a few years old.

Finally, our site’s M and MX Shanghainese Podcast is a great way to learn the Shanghainese dialect.  It’s painless and fun and for both Chinese speakers and English speakers!  Start a new hobby today! The podcasts are short and sweet and sometimes use personal stories that add to the learning fun!  At publishing time there are over 30 podcasts on our site, We’re also on iTunes.  If you search for Shanghainese you will find it.  Start learning Shanghainese today!

“Zai Wei”  That’s BYE in Shanghainese!

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