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“Because China Affects you and YOU affect China.”

How would you like to get your product or service in the ears of a massive number of people from around the world?

At “M and Mx Radio: Where China affects you and YOU affect China” we strive to bring interesting content and a fascinating blend of a changing world where China is always in our conversations.  There is a huge online presence of China-watchers, expats and Sinophiles who are interested in everything about China.  They are not necessarily interested in the political situation but they are interested in the culture (life, customs, language, etc), the economy (implications, reach, soft power) and the effect that China has on the world.

Broadly speaking, “M and Mx Radio: Where China affects you and YOU affect China” will touch on many interesting factors about China.
Life in China
Customs of China
Languages in China (dialects)
the Economy
economic implications
China’s reach
China’s soft power
China’s young
China’s old
China’s history
Movies, music, books etc.
Foreigners experiences in China
Foreigners experiences studying Chinese
Foreigners traveling in China
Chinese traveling in foreign countries
Expat stories, news stories, blog posts all about China, Chinese, the culture, business, life, travel and relationships will all be covered.  We already have many examples of how the show will sound after it is produced located below. If these things have to do with your company and you want to get the word out about your product or service, please contact us!  radio at
You are a travel company in China and you want more and more tourists coming to China.  This program and platform would be perfect in reaching very specific customers.
You create Chinese lesson podcasts for a huge number around the world, but you want more.  How can you reach them?
You publish books specifically about China or the China experience.  How can you get your new book out there?
You provide quality Chinese objects such as chopsticks, fans, fortune cookies for parties, weddings and meetings.  You need new customers who might want to work with you!  Where can you find them?
You provide logistical information about living and doing business in China.  How can your name become a household name?
Advertising with “M and Mx Radio: Where China affects you and YOU affect China” will reach those people, and more!
Advertising options:
1.  Sponsor a section of the show.  The host, Magnus, will say, “This section of our show is sponsored by…”
2.  You provide a pre-recorded 30 second ad to be included in the program.  (We can also create 30 second commercials to your specification.)
3.  A “live read” ad where Magnus the host will read your ad with copy that you provide.
4.  You provide a product that we can review and talk about on the show.
5.  Contest or give-away of your product or service to be given away.
6.  Clickable banner ads on the blog post for the show to go to your site.
Please contact us radio at for more information and our rates!
Here is a comprehensive list of our shows.  Click on them to go to the original blog post that contains the podcast or click on “iTunes” on the post to play them in iTunes or to subscribe to the podcast.

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