China Stories!

Everybody has their China stories. Everybody has their “CHINA DAYS!”

Tell M and MX your China stories and maybe, perhaps, possibly we’ll draw the story in comic form for the world to read and laugh at! There are many stories out there that we’ve been trying to make into enjoyable short stories about China and life in China and there will be a few that you can see here on the site.


Story about a Foreigner living in Heilongjiang, Harbin. 

Story about a foreigner making a mistake about something in their apartment in China.

Expat Thanksgiving stories 

Summer Camp in Rural China – submitted by Lucy B.

Couple things to remember if you decide to send us your funny stories.

1. Make them funny.

2. Don’t make them about how bad the Chinese are… because they aren’t.

3. Make them about cultural differences.

4. Anything goes!

5. Remember that the format of a comic strip is short and sweet. That doesn’t mean that long stories won’t work but shorter stories are better.

6. It isn’t a time to tell us your whole story of your 10 years in China… just short snippets…

7. If you are having trouble, use these to get inspired…

  • I was at a Chinese banquet once when…
  • The last time I was in China I…
  • I knew a Chinese family once…
  • I was studying Chinese the other day when…
  • Yesterday my wife, who is Chinese, told me about…
  • I read a story about Chinese history and it said…
  • I was walking down the street in some no name town in the middle of China when…

Once you press send, it will be sent to our e-mail address…so it won’t be posted. But if your story is used we’ll contact you about names and credit.

By the way…names will be changed to protect the innocent.

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Legal Disclaimer: All cartoons and comic strips made with your stories for the website M and will be solely owned by M and Thanks for your ideas!

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