Chineseify a WEBCOMIC!

Are you funny in Chinese??

You are  funny in English, I hope.  But are you funny in Chinese?  Do you have a few hits from China but would like to see more.  Do you want to help people around the world learn English in a fun and modern way?  OF COURSE YOU DO!!!

The question is: Are you funny in Chinese?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  If we have anything to say about it… YOU ARE FUNNY IN CHINESE!!  We can prove it!

M and MX presents the coolest thing that has hit WEBCOMICS since sliced ComicPress!

We will take your comic and CHINESEIFY IT!!!

What does that mean?  Great question.  Here’s the deal:

1.  Contact us with your website and permission.

This could be something like this:  Hey MandMX.  I would love to see what my comic looks like in Chinese!  Please CHINESEIFY my webcomic.  Take your time looking through the archives and pick one or two that you like best!

2.  We’ll scour your archives and find 1 to 2 comics that lend themselves well to Chinese and translating.

3.  We’ll contact you for a better resolution, but it doesn’t have to be the best quality.  Even the 72 dpi looks ok.  But not the best.

4.  We’ll go in to the comic and erase the English and put the Chinese and our website logo on it.

you been chineseified1 1024x122 Chineseify a WEBCOMIC!

5.  We’ll have your original comic on top and our logo in the middle and the Chineseified version on the bottom.

6.  I will send you back the newly updated CHINESEIFIED version of your comic for your posting on your blog section of your site.

7.  We would appreciate it if you also post our site with a link underneath the comic.

our site if you don’t know yet is

8.  Please name your post “Webcomic in Chinese:” and anything else after that so it will be easier in Google to find it.

9.  We will also post your comic and CHINESEIFIED comic up on our website to attract more Chinese learners and readers.  There will be a big link to your site too!

Follow these 9 easy steps and this will become a really cool thing!  It’s up to you all to start FRENCHIFY your comic and ARABICIZE your webcomic!  One Language at a time!!!

Couple other things:
a. It’s possible that in a few years of doing this that these comics could all be gathered together into a book that could make some pretty good money in China.  (We have pretty good connections in China!)  But be reassured that these comics WILL NOT be put together without your express written agreement and to give us permission, as in #1 up above, does not give us the permission to create a book.  Rest assured!
b. will reserve the right to post either the English version or Chinese version or both on our website.  Either way there will be a big link to your site providing you with traffic.


Please e-mail me:  Magnus at Mandmx dot com

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