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Shanghaihua 上海话: 6-10

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33Numbers.  Numbers are probably the first thing you learn when you study a language because it’s the most important and most useful.  Same in Shanghainese.  The numbers are different in Mandarin and Shanghainese…so these are ESSENTIAL!  You hear them every day!  Why not practice them everyday!

After this show you will know 1-10.  Check out last week’s Shanghaihua program.  Now you can hear and speak and recognize the numbers in Shanghainese!  The building blocks of most languages.

Listen to 1-5 here.

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Shanghaihua 上海话: What did you say? 你说什么?

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33Many times while living in China and speaking Chinese people speak very fast to you.  So this phrase is really important to be able to say.  Plus if you are trying to really show off and impress people, this phrase is also really important.  Use it on the street, at the market, at the bar, where ever?!!

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Shanghai links:

First one:

New York Times did a nice job recently on “36 hours in Shanghai.”  They touch on all the expensive places in Pudong and Puxi.  But one thing I thought was funny was the line about “Yang’s Fry Dumplings” on Wujiang Road, they explain…

“…pork dumplings encrusted in sesame seeds and scallions (1 yuan each) — that are so deliciously soupy you might wish you had a bib. The trick: bite a small hole and slurp out the juices.”

Anyone who has visited me for more than a few hours in Shanghai knows that place.  The lines are always long meaning that it’s a good place.  But I’ve heard recently that since Wujiang road is undergoing such changes, Yang’s Fry Dumplings are all getting the boot and there won’t be anything there except ritzy places.  Is that true?

One thing they didn’t mention was the potholder they use there to move the HOT pan filled with dumplings: A piece of cardboard.  Hilarious.

Second one:

SuixunTong is a new site done by a popular online podcasting host, Jenny Zhu.  She had an interview with a chef at the Shanghai Grand Hyatt and his experiences doing business and managing in China.  Fascinating ideas and sharing his experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and learned a lot.  It’s a podcast so I seriously recommend sitting and listening to it or downloading it and GO!

The best part of the show was when Jenny mentioned that the chef was learning SHANGHAINESE!  AWESOME!  He says he hasn’t learned much but that’s ok.  He can come here and learn a bit every week!  The Shanghainese part starts around 10:55… so check it out!

Shanghaihua 上海话:Monday Tuesday Wednesday 礼拜一,礼拜二,礼拜三

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33As you are progressing on your Shanghainese, you will need to know the days of the week.  If you know the numbers that we did a while ago, you will easily get the days of the week.  Keep on working and keep on learning this Shanghai language.  It’s hard and difficult but when you meet a Shanghainese, they will be impressed and you will impress yourself!!

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Shanghainese Links:

Amazing new Shanghaihua shows that are acutally teaching English using Shanghainese.  This is too cool and too funny.  MX was on the floor laughing  these guys.  Along with our Shanghaihua and this other show, your Shanghainese will SURELY improve!  Plus we love the name of the site!

Shanghaihua 上海话: Yesterday Today Tomorrow 昨天,今天 明天

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away.  Today you are studying Shanghainese and tomorrow you’ll be somewhat fluent.  Kind of.  These are essential words that you will need to know as you tackle Shanghainese.  These seem pretty easy in Mandarin but wait till you hear how to say it in Shanghaihua.  They are different and hard to remember.  But thanks to MX and her patience… I’ll remember it one of these days.

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Shanghaihua: 上海话: I want to go to Nanjing Road 我要去南京路。

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33This one is going to be a bit difficult but I’m sure you’ll be able to do it!

I WANT TO GO TO NANJING ROAD.  It’s a great sentence if you are lost, or you just want to see the most famous street in all of China.

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Shanghaihua: 上海话: at home 在家里

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33Where is mom?  Where is dad?  Where is your girlfriend?  Where is your boyfriend?  The answer?  HOME.  Learn how to say this totally different word in Shanghainese.  From the Mandarin to Shanghainese… it’s totally different!  Crazy.

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Shanghaihua: 上海话: bu yao jin 不要紧!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33When someone says that THANK YOU you have to answer them.  This is the way all Shanghainese answer when people thank them.  They say it in a very forceful and emphatic way.  BU YAO JIN means “Don’t worry about it!” or “that’s ok!”  So if you thank us….this is what we’ll say.

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-M and MX

Shanghaihua 上海话: have you eaten? 你吃了吗?

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33WHAT’S UP?  That’s what we say in America.  Have you eaten?  That’s what we say in China.  Interesting.  In Shanghai it’s nothing different.  Except of course the dialect.  This is a must.

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Shanghaihua 上海话: Sleep 睡觉

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

shanghaihua-picture33Sleep is very important.  We all need it.  You need to know how to say it in Shanghainese too!

We also include a great story from life in Shanghai.

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Shanghainese LINKS:

This is an awesome video that I found on LOST LAOWAI. If you’ve never been to Shanghai this is a great view. If you have been to Shanghai and are now away from Shanghai this will make you miss it… I guarantee it!

Zhapu Road from MK Media Productions on Vimeo.

original video from here.

Shanghainese 上海话: How are you recently? 最近怎么样?

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009


This is a common phrase that we say in China all the time.  We are dedicated to bringing you the most common phrases used in the wonderful city of Shanghai and the language spoken there.  Enjoy!

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