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Basketball Hall of Fame 2004

Saturday, April 24th, 2004
I received more pictures from the Hall of Fame trip from back in April. Here is the whole group shot from that day!!! Touched up a bit…
-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Then here are a couple friends who like to touch my beard…That was when I still had the beard… now I shaved it off…
-=IMAGE 2=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Adventures at the Dentist

Saturday, May 15th, 2004

-=IMAGE 1=-

Today I woke up early because I had an appointment at GENTLE DENTAL, my dentist here in Cambridge. Saturdays and Wednesdays are the only time that the ROOT CANAL specialist can come so I had to schedule it for this wonderful day. Oh well…

Amidst the cheesy top 40 and soft rock garbage I was able to catch up on stupid magazines while waiting for the lady to call me into the room. The ROOT CANAL specialst turns out to be an American Born Chinese (ABC) and her parents are from Fujian province. I spoke Chinese with her a bit. It was fun. Then she took all her frustrations out on me. Apparently you can’t see to well in someone’s mouth so there is a lot of “feeling” around with metallic objects and pointers. I flinched in pain a few times with this large blue plastic apparatus anchored on to my tooth and half obscuring my eyesight. The assistant mentioned that I look quite attractive… I felt so humiliated…there was nothing a could do.

Needless to say I was able to walk out of there with half of a procedure done. You see the way I look at it is: Dentists have got you anyway you look at it. They separate the learning process of ROOT CANALS and CROWNS in Dental School. So the lady I was with today can’t help me with a crown and or finishing the tooth. I have to go back for possibly two more visits!!! So it is about a grand just to do what I did today and then I have to have some sort of crown on my tooth…KING CROWN!! I have to check the price of the crowns…probably the same. FORTUNATELY for me I have insurance. I was only allowed to pay less then 150 dollars!!!!!!!! Thank you PEET’S Coffee and Tea!!’

Than I went to FOR EYES, a great eyeglasses place here in Cambridge. There I had my first eye examine since I think 2000!!! I have to go pick my glasses up in a couple weeks but I am so pumped…. ready for this…I got a pair of BROOKS BROTHERS glasses!!!! WICKED CHEAP!!!

Posted Saturday May 15th 4:20pm

Last Final at UMASS

Tuesday, May 18th, 2004
Today is the day that I am officially finished at UMASS/Boston. Today I had my Arts of China Final. We had to compare Yuan Dynasty paintings of the Imperial Court with Ming Dynasty paintings about unity in diversity. Even though my professor was absent more times than I think we had class… it was still a really good class. I knew nothing about Chinese Art and it was really really interesting. We learned about all kinds of early Chinese art and artists. One name that I remember quite well is Zhao Mengfu (pronounced Jow MungFoo). He was a widely misunderstood artist because we worked for the Yuan Dynasty officials who were Mongols and not liked very much. A lot of Chinese art historians don’t like him and we read many articles about his life and work and if he was a traitor or not. Pretty cool stuff.
This was me a while ago when I brought my camera with me to school. There is UMASS Boston in the distance.
-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
Now I am getting ready to depart this Thursday May 20th for a trip to see some of my siblings. I will depart late Thursday evening and travel by Chinatown Bus from Boston to NYC. Then early early the next morning I will get on a train leaving from Penn Station to go to North Carolina. I will spend the weekend visiting my sister Kate and her husband Mark. Kate is a kindergarten teacher and Mark is studying for his PhD at Duke.
Here are the two of them the last time I was in North Carolina to see them… eating some grits!!
-=IMAGE 2=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
I will return to NYC on the 25th of May and stay with a friend of mine in Brooklyn. The next day I will take another train upstate to Schenectady, NY. I will arrive in time to see my neice play in a T-ball game!!! COOL!!! Upstate NY is where my other sister lives with her husband. I will be with them for a couple days hanging out and having fun with my two neices and super cool nephew.
Here is my neice Martha and my nephew Lars playing with their new Chinese fan that I brought for them from China.
-=IMAGE 3=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
Then I will return to Boston on May 30th!!! The next day I will attend a wedding in Brookline, MA!!! COOL!!! I will miss Boston but I will have a good time. and I will try and update this site while I am gone.

Posted May 18th 2004 3:45pm

My trip to North Carolina 2004

Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
Hello everyone! From North Carolina!! I hope everyone is doing well while I am travelling down south…feels like way down south. The southern drawl down here is so thick you could cut it with a knife. “Ya’ll” “Ya’ll” “Ya’ll” that is all I hear down here. But first let me tell you how I got down here…
May 21st, 2004
I left Boston at 11:30pm from Chinatown and picked up the NYC subway at about 3:15am. Not much sleep on the bus because these big women were talking and swearing the whole way down. I got on the subway at Grand Ave. in Manhattan and proceeded to West 4th Street where I swithed to the A line uptown. I was amazed about the fact that everything was still on and operating at 3:30am. This truly is “the city that never sleeps”. I bought 2 waters because I was extremely thirsty. They were 1 dollar each. I made it to Pennslyvania Station at about 4am and found an Amtrak waiting area. Nice. But I couldn’t sleep and read a bit and then called my mom and dad who I know are up and getting ready for work well before 5am. I reassured my mother that I arrived at Penn Station still alive and well and to stop worrying. I tried to call a few of my friends in China…but it didn’t work…or nobody was home. Oh well.
Stores finally started to open and I looked around for nothing in particular. I found a mug that says I LOVE NY for only $2.95!!! I didn’t buy it but now I think I might want it…
Then just as the schedule says, at 6:30 they called for “all aboard” for the “Carolinian.” The final destination would be Charlotte, NC. I bought a coffee, (or what they call coffee) and a few donuts, got on board and we were off!
Now remember, I was tired. Real tired. So I slept from NYC all the way to Wilminton Delaware!!!
It is now 11 o’clock and the train is changing engines and most of the passengers are out smoking. I decided to write because I can actually write legibly now since the train has stopped and we are waiting. (of course that doesn’t quite translate to a blog…but anyway…) I have been eating a steady diet of granola bars that I got at CVS before I left Cambridge. I can’t wait to dig into the bowl of noodles that I brought…! Although the “best if used by” date is past…I hope I don’t get violently ill. The weather is not so different as Boston…it is overcast though and starting to get a bit clammy.
Leaving Quantico, VA
We mad a quick stop in Quantico, Virginia. We are a bit behind schedule, but who cares. WE keep going over bridges and expanses of water. It is quite hazy today so I cannot see the other side of the bodies of water…
Stop in Richmond, VA
I slept some more…it sure is hot now. Ugh…the Cafe car is still closed… for some reason…I want my noodles.

-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

We are now in between Rocky Mount, NC and the next stop. I should be in Raleigh, NC (my destination) in 10 minutes…But I won’t be. I just called my sister Kate, and realized that I am on the Cingular network on my phone…I wonder if I will have to pay a fortune for that call…is it called roaming?
I was finally able to have my noodles. But, it was so confusing, I waited in line for hot water…to put in my bowl of noodles. He gave me a cup with hot water in it…that’s it. So I poured it into my bowl and it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to stand in line again for another cup of hot water…so I made do with what I got.
You see, in Chinese trains it is much more convenient. At the end of almost every car had a hot water dispensers, where you could fill up any amount that you needed.
My sister Kate was at the train station waiting for me which was really nice… it was great to see her…but it was so so so hot. I still had my NYC clothes on…jeans shirts and windbreaker… it was chilly the night before up north. But wow…it was hot.
Saturday May 22nd
I helped my brother-in-law Mark, install a new screen door in the back of their house. This is Mark and I putting it all together.

-=IMAGE 2=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Later that night we went to a great concert at the Regency Amphitheatre in Cary, NC where we saw Alison Krauss and tons of other BLUEGRASS groups play some old songs. There was even a group that played a classic song that my dad always used to sing, “you are my sunshine”. It was a fun surprise that my sister brought me there…I had a great time!
This is my sister Kate and I at the concert.
Sunday May 23rd
After church the three of us went to this cool museum in Raleigh, NC called Exploris. It had a really cool exhibit on CHINA. There were a group of people who came from China and they were doing different crafts, painting on plates, paper making, calligraphy, clay figurine, kite making etc etc. They were all demonstrating their crafts… it was so fun to see and I spoke with one of the guys who was doing painting. He was a nice man who didn’t speak any English. But I spoke Chinese with him….COOL!!!

-=IMAGE 3=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Speaking of Chinese calligraphy…after I had returned from China the first time I brought back with me some amazing calligraphy done by my good Chinese friend’s father. I had asked him since he was a famous artist in Henan Province if he could do some calligraphy for me…he did and I came home with some really cool things to give as gifts. Well one of the fine works of art I gave to my sister that I am visiting now. I wanted all of you to see and especially for my friend who is a frequent visitor to this website to see and hopefully show it to his father. I thank you again!!!
Monday all day we just chilled and didn’t do too too much. I went on a 7 mile bike ride to a SUPER WALMART!!! Then we drove back to the SuperWalmart to actually buy something. We had lunch and then went miniature golfing.
Here I am taking it really seriously. I was trying to put and do a good job. Kate actually beat Mark and I both!!! UGH! What has the world come to?
-=IMAGE 4=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
Here is the good golfer and his winner wife!!!
-=IMAGE 5=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Tuesday I go back on the train to go back north and up to upstate NY!!!
I will be up in Upstate New York till Sunday May 30th. I will be chilling with my neices and nephew!!
Don’t worry there will be more posting coming soon.
Thanks for reading.
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Upstate New York 2004

Thursday, May 27th, 2004
Greetings from Upstate NY. Tuesday evening I returned to New York City from North Carolina. I had a bit of a problem finding the correct subway to use in New York…but I found my way to my friend’s house in Brooklyn. I got there pretty late and we talked for a while and I woke up the next morning and went to my wonderful Great Aunts who live in Brooklyn. I went there for brunch. They made some really good food and I had cherry pie for dessert!!! YUM!

-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

I hopped on the train again and went upstate following the beautiful Hudson River. It was glorious scenery and I really enjoyed looking at the old towns on the Hudson river and then seeing the tug boats pushing and tugging huge barges down the river. I got to the town of Schenectady where I found my sister, nephew and neice waiting for me patiently. I was so happy to see them! We hopped in the car and took off to my other neice’s T-ball game. T-ball is similar to baseball but for those kids who are not confident in hitting a ball thrown at them…they stand there with the ball on a pole…and they just hit it. It is quite simple but -=IMAGE 2=-confidence-building for the children.
I have had a good time so far here. I love hanging out with the kids. Here I am this afternoon when the kids and I were outside playing. They wanted to ride on me and go inside. I think I will be really sore tomorrow morning.
I also wanted to show you all a picture that my nephew drew. He loves to draw and loves to draw things for people. He made me a robot who is picking up boxes. So CUTE!!!
I also was able to see and hang out with a couple of college friends today who live nearby. Ray and Sarah. They are good friends who will be parents come June 30th. Sarah was very pregnant and Ray was very excited. We ate at a great restaurant in Saratoga Springs then went to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream place. I had the flavor they call “coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz”. It was good. Then we went to a pretty good coffee place called UNCOMMON GROUNDS. They roast all their beans there at the shop. They smell was pretty bad…but the coffee was pretty good… not as good as Peet’s though.

Posted Thursday May 27th 2004 pretty late at night.

My nephew…

Friday, May 28th, 2004

-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

My nephew loves me.

Highway sign…

Friday, June 4th, 2004

-=IMAGE 3=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요Saturday I will be heading up to New Hampshire!! COOL!!!
There are many more miles ahead for me!!!

Posted June 4th 2004 4pm

The Moose

Saturday, June 12th, 2004

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This is a picture I touched up from a while back when I took a trip with international students to MOOSE HILL WILDLIFE SANCTUARY. We saw this terrible beast in the house…and they took a picture of it… surprisingly it looks similar to me….

Graduation, Chinese food and a cartoon

Thursday, June 17th, 2004
This week has been quite busy. But I will try and tell just the highlights.
Thursday June 10th I had the priveledge of being the photographer for a Harvard graduate. One of my housemates graduated and got her masters degree in Statistics. She is from China and it was so hard following her around and taking pictures. Honest.
-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
Saturday June 12 I went and had dinner at my friend Gan’s house. He and his wife cooked up a storm and we ate so much food. It was wonderful. They live in Jamaica Plain, right outside of Boston, and we ate and ate and walked around near the Franklin Park Zoo and heard all the animals. One of my friend’s classmates was there, too. Eating at their home was a lot of fun and I appreciated all their hospitality. We ate all kinds of different foods… it was great.
-=IMAGE 2=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
Sunday June 13 I awoke quite early and departed from Boston Chinatown at 7AM. I arrived in New York City at 11AM and walked around. I was there to surprise my friend Chris who is getting married at the end of June. He was en route when I called him and pretended I was not coming. I totally fooled him and then when they finally arrived with my other friends I surprised him!! He was so shocked!! WE ate lunch at the BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP CO. which is a restaurant that is all about the movie FORREST GUMP. Then we went to see the Broadway show, MOVIN’ OUT. It is a show with Billy Joel music and lyrics. Since I love Billy Joel it was fun…plus we paid for Chris (the groom). If you don’t like ballet…don’t go see this show. There was entirely too much jumping and kicking and dancing around! Personally I don’t think any of Billy Joel’s music lends itself to ballet but…apparently other people do.
Then I bought many postcards from New York City and I sent 5 of them to my friend Eric Floyd in China. COOL!!! I think he will really like them! I also drew a picture on one of them.
-=IMAGE 3=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
I bought a return ticket from New York City to Boston for the 8PM bus. I waited and waited and waited. Finally the bus came and I arrived in Boston at 1:30AM. With no subways available and too late to call for help and with only $8.00 in my pocket… I walked…all the way back home. I arrived at home, after a quick stop at 2:30AM at Krispy Kreme Donuts, at about 4AM. What a long day!!! I tried to call my friends in China…but nobody answered… oh well.

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Korean Friends in Boston 2004

Friday, June 18th, 2004
Some funny pictures from my Korean friends.
-=IMAGE 1=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
This is a picture of all of us eating at Warren Towers. There was so much good food I wanted all of it. And usually I ate too much… anyway…I enjoyed all of it!!!
-=IMAGE 2=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Here I am with my KOREAN BOYZ…we were very full from a big lunch at Warren Towers at Boston University!!! Thanks again guys!!!
-=IMAGE 3=- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

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