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Chinese Notes on 2 Recent Comics

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

2011-01-08 post about 2 comics
Two of our recent comics have a bit of a story to tell so I wanted to put that out for the fans.

January 3rd’s comic was READY FOR WINTER.  I drew a picture of a pair of mittens which in Chinese are 连指手套 lián zhǐ shǒutào or “connected finger glove.”  But MX had to think about it for a bit because since she’s from Shanghai they say it a bit differently there.  She taught me the words in Shanghainese and I wanted to share that with you all.  In Shanghainese, a pair of mittens is 鸭脚板手套 yā jiǎbǎn shǒutào or “duck foot glove.”  Now the pronunciation is different and perhaps at some time in the future we’ll do another Shanghainese show about this but maybe not.  Just a fun difference between Shanghainese and Mandarin.  Oh and Google Translate translated it as “FLIPPER GLOVES.”

January 6th’s comic was the CHINESE PICK UP LINES.  If you didn’t notice, this one actually took a long time.  I wrote my initials and the date 2010-2011.  It took forever for me to figure out how to explain to MX what a pick up line is.  Plus you can’t really look up the phrase “pick up line” in the dictionary since they’ll tell you what PICK means and then what UP means and then what LINE means.  Annoying!  But finally through the help of Baidu, which is China’s Google equivalent, I was able to come up with 泡妞 pàoniū meaning “pick up girls” or “chase girls.”

If anyone out there finds that our translations are not accurate or could be something else, we welcome your input!

If you have any stories about your time in China or learning Chinese that you’d like to share with us, please do here!

12 China Blogs that are Dead or Haven’t Been Updated in a Long Time.

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

12 China blogs that havent been updated

1. 56 minus 1 or Fifty 5: A cool site run by the guys at NeoCha I think.  Cool videos and some cutting edge stuff.  Last updated July 2010

2.  A Slow Boat to China: This was a short lived site.  I subscribed in November of 2007 and the last update was back in 2009.  They had a couple good posts about Chinese text messages and Chinese jokes.  But alas, all the links don’t work.  But there was a link to a Chinese Toilet video on YouTube.  Hilarious.

3.  Adam + Shanghai: This site is about an American, who can speak four languages, living in China but it was rarely updated over the 2+ years that I’ve subscribed to it.  One good post was the 10 Habits that I’ve picked up in China.

4.  All Roads Lead to China: All Roads is written by Richard Brubaker, Founder and Managing Director of China Strategic Development Partners.  One of their good posts was called “If you don’t like China… GO HOME!” They stopped back in November of 2010.

5.  Baining’s Big Chinese Challenge or Mandarin Kids: This site is still around but they’ve stopped back in October 2010.  They are a homeschooling family who had a good post about funny ways to learn Chinese. I guess they were the ones who came up with the Chinese Knock Knock Joke that we made into a comic.

6.  Ballin’ in Beijing: Allison Lu a Yale University student graduating in 2011, wrote a blog while studying in Beijing in the summer of 2009.  She managed to rack up 64 posts with varying titles like 我的同学都是白人 (All my classmates are white) and A Day in the Life which really shows you what it’s like doing a summer program in China.  Good luck on your graduation!

7.  Banana Undercover: The best I can figure out from this site is that the author, a female, is an Overseas Chinese, hence the Banana part, and she is living in China, hence the Undercover part.  Her humor was great but stopped posting in August of 2010 when she mentioned that she got a job in the Pudong area of Shanghai.  Her posts made me laugh with a picture of a woman’s socks and about not being able to read medicine when you are sick.

8.  Big Head Small Head:  This one might not sound like it’s about China but it is.  This guy wrote about his studying Chinese and relationships and recipes.  He only did one post in 2010 but some of my favorites were Fried Pork and Green Beans recipe and an interesting post about “Shadowing” which he illustrates in a video that I still can’t quite figure out.

9.  BizCult: What ever happened to this site?  A great site that I really enjoyed when it was regularly updated.  They even had a podcast called the COOL AID (last one in November of 2008) that was great too although the sound quality was pretty bad.  They had a great series about trying to understand 关系 Guanxi or relationship that went on for many posts.  The podcasts are still available and really are good.

10.  Cha Shao Bao: This was a guy studying Chinese in China.  His last post was in 2007 right after his finals were over and he posted that he thought his professors were reading his blog.  He had a list of 12 answers to the question: What kind of Chinese learner are you? which got linked to Chinesepod.  He also had a couple essays that he wrote while in school about Chinese Blogs and Big Character Posters which was fascinating.  I only wish I could link to it here, but the site has gone long inactive and has been taken down.  He did link to a BBC article about a restaurant in China that serves a kind of genitalia that makes men more robust.  Yikes.

11.  China Comment: This site had a couple good posts while it lasted.  It seemed to have stalled around May of 2010 but one post about Publishing in China was quite interesting.  There was also one about how China is Aging fast and also about the Hutongs in Beijing and how they are going away.

12.  China Film Journal: This was a site I went back to again and again because of all the reviews about Chinese movies.  One of their cool reviews was The Case 箱子 about people in Yunnan who find a suitcase floating down the river and what happens after that?  The last post was back in 2009 after the movie Nanking Nanking and their review.

M and Mx Radio: 6 Americans Who Mock the Chinese Language

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

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Shownotes and Links:

6 Americans who make fun of the Chinese language.

1.  Dave Chapelle

2.  Rosie O’donnell

3.  Shaq

4.  Saturday Night Live First show in 2009 and the second show in 2010

5.  Rush Limbaugh

6.  Steven Colbert: 7 mocking  moments from him.

There’s even a Wikipedia page for this stuff.

Recent events: DRUDGE REPORT has a report that Grace Meng (D-NY) and Leland Yee (D-CA) have come out to demand an apology from Rush Limbaugh about his comments.  I hope they can hear our show so that they can demand an apology from the other 5 people too!

16 Famous Bunnies or Rabbits to Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits2
1.  Thumper - from the Disney movie Bambi

2.  Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes Classic

3.  Jessica Rabbit – From Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

4.  Roger Rabbit – From Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

5.  Rabbit - From Winnie the Pooh stories

6.  Energizer Bunny – from those battery commercials

7.  Peter Rabbit – classic stories from Thorton Burgess

8.  Peter Rabbit – classic by Beatrix Potter

9.  Killer Rabbits – Monty Python and the Holy Grail (yes, there’s actually a wikipedia page for this rabbit!)

10.  Playboy Bunny – Famous clothes and shoes in China.

11.  Trix Rabbit – “Silly Rabbit Trix are for kids!”

12.  Miffy the Rabbit – friend of Hello Kitty

13.  White Rabbit – from Alice and Wonderland

14.  Harvey the Rabbit – Jimmy Stewart’s imaginary friend in the movie HARVEY

15.  Easter Bunny – comes around every spring

16.  suicide bunny – not much has to be said with this one. Introduction Video!

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

You Tube


Old China Books: View of the Bund in Shanghai a Long Time Ago

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

English Life in China
by Sir Henry Knollys
Copyright 1885

“As we enter the Yellow Sea, the hitherto blue water assumes the colour and consistency of pea-soup; we steam a short distance up the Yang-tsze-Kiang River, the mere pronunciation of which brings on a sore throat, and arriving at its confluent the Hwangpoo, are transferred to a tug to enable us to cross the rapidly silting-up Woosung bar, which subsequently assumed importance as a tactical obstacle to French operations. We paddle through slime, amidst darkness and bitter cold, for about ten miles to Shanghai.  Here some dozen brilliant meteors, the last efforts of that electric light which here, as elsewhere, succeeded in enriching the directors and impoverishing the shareholders, reveal some large English buildings standing out in weird distinctness through the surrounding darkness, and the scene is rendered still more striking by the sudden influx of swarms of hideous chattering Chinese coolies springing on board from the adjacent wharf, like a flock of sheep through a gap.”

I love the descriptive words of the rivers: blue water, pea-soup, slime  and rapidly silting.

The book can be found here.

Check out a more modern book that looks great. Put together by another Husband/Wife team Chinese/Western team. They both teach at a school in the midwest.

VIDEO: Shandong Province Drought 山东旱灾

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Today’s word is DROUGHT 旱灾 hànzāi
These two videos are NOT the same but they have the same theme.

AlJazeera has a report about the Shandong Province drought that is affecting the wheat crops. Pretty sad stuff. This will definitely affect food prices across the world.

CCTV morning report also has a short story of the Shandong drought. Remember to listen for the Chinese word for drought.

We have a comic from about a year ago about another China drought.

MandMx Radio: Rise and Fall of Yu Jianrong and His Fight for Child Beggars

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

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Shownotes and Links:

China Geeks original article.  “Child Beggars and a Revolution of Digital Conscience”

2nd China Geeks post. “The Bizarre Backlash Against Yu Jianrong’s Child Beggar Campaign

Background music was Bach: Mass in B minor, BWV 232 Crucifixus.

Music at the end was 火柴天堂 meaning Match Heaven about a young child selling matches on the street in China to make money for the family.  The chorus in part says, “Who wants to come and buy my matches?”

ChinaSMACK’s article on the topic.

Yu Jian Rong’s actual Sina Weibo account.

Chinese article about the rescues due to Yu Jianrong’s actions.

China Hush’s article about this phenomenon.

The Sinica Podcast did a bit on this story too.

Shanghaiist also participated in the story.

People’s Daily in English had their own take on the story.

CNNGo has a report on the fall of Yu Jianrong.

China Digital Times also chimes in.

You should chime in too!  What do you think?  Is it a good thing?  Is it harassment?

MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-03-01

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

twitter bird01

  • MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2011-02-22: MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2… #Chinesecomics #
  • Podcasts you should subscribe to NOW: China History Podcast Lazlow Montgomery continues through 5,000 years of history! #
  • Panda Espresso is a hilarious idea. Somebody in China will take it soon! h/t @pvponline Better get a copyright on it! #
  • The 6 tiniest coziest Shanghai cafes But they didn’t choose my favorite Vienna Cafe. YUM! #
  • Chinese Husband Forgot Valentine’s Day: Speaking of China post. #Chinesecomics #
  • On @markvranicar post on High Speed Rail a photo of the 西安 to 郑州 train. It’s called the 和谐号 Who calls it the HARMONIOUS LIINE!? Annoying! #
  • VIDEO: Shandong Province Drought 山东旱灾: Today’s word is DROUGHT 旱灾 hànzāi These two videos… #Chinesecomics #
  • Shanghai just got WIFI in all their phone booths. What a great way to put the relics of the past to a good modern use. Do you have to pay? #
  • RT @WorldofChinese NEW POST: Looking for Child Beggars on Sina Weibo… Great story! Great way to use Sina Weibo! in reply to WorldofChinese #
  • Well I think you can cross US Ambassador to China John Huntsman off the list for possible 2012 Presidential candidates. #
  • President Ford’s Visit to China 1975 | C-SPAN “What was on the menu, size of crowds, where he went sightseeing.” #
  • “Authentic local #Chinese food is the missing part in the bigger picture of the food culture in the US.” -David Shi AMEN! #
  • Drool on Keyboard: @xianfoods My next stop when I’m in Flushing Queens is Xi’an Famous Foods 西安名吃 looks so good! #
  • MandMx Radio: Rise and Fall of Yu Jianrong and His Fight for Child Beggars: Shownotes an… #Chinesecomics #
  • Podcast: Rise and Fall of Yu Jianrong and His Fight for Child Beggars | via @Digg #
  • MandMx Radio: Rise and Fall of Yu Jianrong and His Fight for Child Beggars: Shownotes and Links: China Geeks ori… #
  • My 3 y/o and I were doing Kung Fu moves and when he did a good kick I wanted to do a high 5. Do Kung Fu masters give each other high 5s? #
  • Check out this Amazon deal: ‘Fortunate Sons: The 120 Chinese Boys Who Came to America’ by Liel Leibovitz #
  • Our 3 y/o woke up and told me in English: “My belly button is hungry. 我的肚脐眼饿了!” He said he didn’t know how we were going to feed it! though. #
  • Our 3 y/o said, Dad I’m sick. 爸爸,我生病了. I told him that we couldn’t go out to lunch then. He said, Ryan’s not sick! We can go? 瑞恩没有生病!我们可以去吗? #
  • MX is taking Management classes and was looking up Procter & Gamble. In Chinese it’s 宝洁 bǎojié She says it’s a legend in the world. #
  • American Jokes At The Chinese Office: #Chinesecomics #
  • “Motherland, please save us” post on Sina Weibo from Chinese stuck in Libya with no way out. China helped them and now they are home. #
  • “It is immoral to rob our children’s future and make them beholden to #China ” -John Boehner Republican OHIO Speaker of the House 2.27.2011 #
  • China is planning 45 new airports connecting the country side with big cities. Will the airports look like the train stations soon? #
  • Taxi driver from Yunnan had a blade in his face since an attack 4 years ago. Tell him he looks SHARP he won’t laugh. #
  • “It came up that afternoon, and it knocked me off my can.” -David Wu Oregon Democrat taking Mental Illness drugs. #
  • I love how CNN says that the Chinese police illegally harassed Western journalists. It might be illegal where you’re from but not China! #
  • China denies foreign journalists in 北京 were forced to buy student art and attend ¥1,000 tea ceremonies with English majors. RT @charlieflint #

Video: History’s Most Daring Bank Robber 历史上最胆大的银行劫匪

Friday, March 4th, 2011

This amazing 6 minute video is being dubbed the “Shawshank Redemption” of China as the hammer guy just leisurely smashes the dividing window of the bank. He’s also being known as the “Smashing Window Brother” or 砸窗哥. Happy to see the Police finally came. GO POLICE! At 3:47 you can see a customer attempts to go in and do his banking… hilarious!

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