MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-10-09

  • New post: MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-10-02 #learnchinese #
  • Tonight's dinner: 宫保鸡丁 Gōng bǎo jī dīng Kung Pao Chicken. Our 4y/o ran around yelling, "宫保鸡丁! 宫保鸡丁! Kung Pao Chicken! Kung Pao Chicken!" #
  • Anyone wanna learn economics for free during your lunch break? I'm loving the @Mercatus Center's Marginal Revolution University #MRUDevEcon #
  • FUNNY! Mao on KFC logo. from "Hold The Mao: 8 Revolutionary Revised Chairman Mao Posters" #
  • Classic MandMx: : American Economy Is Really Bad #china #
  • Preparing for my Chinese Zodiac lesson, MX fed our 69 day old and our 4y/o is getting ready for the big 奥巴马/罗姆尼 Obama/Romney debate! #
  • Classic MandMx: : Fake Birth Certificate Part 1 #china #
  • Our 4y/o asked for 3 words in Chinese tonight from Mx: staring 盯着 dīngzhe dump truck 翻斗卡车 Fāndǒu kǎchē and full 满 mǎn. #
  • Classic MandMx: : Unemployment In China Is Bad #china #
  • Chinese father-in-law: Our 4y/o observed a door lock then grabbed a pencil and wrote a full page of letters like a 科学家 kēxuéjiā scientist. #
  • This documentary is fascinating. So much history but is it true? "1421: The Year China Discovered America Part 1 & 2" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Say Hello To The Teacher #china #
  • My Chinese father-in-law boiled down our 4y/o's favorite show, Thomas the Tank Engine, as "那个火车节目 Nàgè huǒchē jiémù that train program." #
  • The classic 1968 Children's story Corduroy in Chinese! via 开心网 #
  • Classic MandMx: : Christmas Trees And Gold Medals #china #
  • Our 4y/o asked Mx why my students called me MR. "Ask Daddy later. 下午问爸爸吧." He then replied, "Daddy will say 'that's a good question, son.'" #
  • New post: Columbus Day Or Zheng He Day? #learnchinese #
  • Would US be a hot topic if China had elections? "US Political Ads about China: Collins, Obama/Romney & Analysis" #
  • ChinaSmack: Have you ever seen the Great Wall of China FULL of people? Shocking photo! #
  • Classic MandMx: : The Story Of Yang Jun Part 1 #china #
  • After yard work: our 4y/o asked why he should lock the shed. "Our wheelbarrow might be stolen!" He replied, "There's no 坏蛋 "bad egg" here." #
  • Anybody read these? "Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu Books Reissued: The Mask, the Mystery, the Hand, the Daughter and more." #
  • Can you make out the Chinese song on the whiteboard? "Learning Chinese at the St. Louis Language Imm #
  • Classic MandMx: : US Presidential Inauguration 2009 #china #

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