MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-10-02

  • 50 Chinese Children's Songs That Help Your Baby Learn to Speak – 开心网 #
  • Tonight after his shower, our 4y/o explained how to comb his hair 梳头 Shūtóu to my Chinese father-in-law. "这样子,公公。 Like this Grandpa." #
  • Non China Related: My 1st ever full fledge digital downloaded music album. Ben Folds Five! First album in a long time! #
  • Classic MandMx: : "I Have A Dream" In Chinese #china #
  • Our 4y/o was accused of dropping a pitcher's lid on the floor. He defended himself in Chinese. "不是这样,是公公!Not like that, it was Grandpa." #
  • If current growth rates continue, by 2015 Chinese will overtake English as the internet's language. @ChinaStories #
  • Differences between China (red) and the US (blue). "Drinks when you have a stomach ache." #
  • Classic MandMx: : Teaching English In China #china #
  • Our 4y/o is prepping drawings for 2 cousins for Saturday when we'll eat Chinese food with his 小姑父 Xiǎo gūfu Uncle who'll hand deliver them. #
  • Another unbelievably informative and useful infographic from @illuminantceo What gifts to get the Chinese in your life #
  • Classic MandMx: : Fruit Cake In China #china #
  • So cool! "4 Ads Featuring Chinese or Asian Women and Caucasian Men: Heineken, Ruffles, Chevy and Apple." #
  • Our 4y/o talked about Calvin & Hobbes with my Chinese father-in-law. "…Spaceman Spiff 的手枪 de shǒuqiāng. Spaceman Spiff's blaster…." #
  • That is one ugly EVIL KUNG FU PANDA from China Digital Times and artist "Sinking Stone" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Wise Child Foolish Child #china #
  • Our 4y/o is flying his toy plane around the house and announced, "中国人到中国去! 美国人到美国去! Chinese going to China. Americans going to America!" #
  • Mx taught me a new word today describing my brother-in-law. 腼腆 miǎntiǎn which is translated as "bashful" but I prefer a positive "quiet." #
  • Classic MandMx: : English Pronunciation Cigarette Or Secret #china #
  • Don't Judge a Book: Watch a Homely Chinese Girl Belt Out Adele's Song on China's "THE VOICE 中国好声音" h/t @ChinaStories #
  • Classic MandMx: : How To Scare A Foreigner In China #china #
  • Our 4y/o lost his faith in the Patriots yesterday too early! He loves watching 橄榄球 Gǎnlǎnqiú American football and those Patriots! #
  • Our 67 day old little one is fun when she's fed and changed. But when she's hungry 怎么凶 so fierce/nasty! Watch out, she can be cranky! #
  • Classic MandMx: : Kites In China #china #

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