MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-09-18

  • Classic MandMx: : 5 Tips For Using Chopsticks #china #
  • We have 2 sunflowers outside. 1 tall and 1 short. According to our 4y/o the tall one is him and the short one is 妹妹 Mèimei younger sister! #
  • Our 4y/o started his 1st day of pre-school year 2. He reported a 坏蛋 huàidàn bad egg broke stuff. Looking forward to that explanation! #
  • Classic MandMx: : Western Movies In Chinese Translation #china #
  • BBC: "Real Chinese" 10 Part Miniseries. 1 – Being Chinese 2 – Home and Family and 3 Education and Jobs GOOD STUFF! #
  • Classic MandMx: : A Good Day In China From BISCUET #china #
  • Our 4y/o said in Chinese while helping my Chinese father-in-law move firewood, "木头下到雨就不能烧了. The wood in the rain you can't burn." #
  • BBC: "Real Chinese" Mini-Series Part 4 Drinking/Socializing 5 Food/Restaurants 6 Buying/Selling 7 Exploring History #
  • Our 4y/o said in Chinese while helping my Chinese father-in-law move firewood, "把木头放在太阳下晒就好了. Put the wood in the sun, it'll be ready." #
  • Classic MandMx: : Early Bird Gets The Worm In Chinese #china #
  • Our 4y/o said in Chinese moving firewood, "冬天的时候我和妹妹烤火,妹妹说很舒服! In the winter, Mèimei and I will say the fire at home is so comfortable!" #
  • National Fortune Cookie Day! Gonna celebrate? "Only a proud man makes a spectacle of that which is best left unspoken." -Jimmy Fallon #
  • Classic MandMx: : Bring 8 Million Passport Photos To China #china #
  • Great talk on how Americans should feel guilty! "TEDTalk: Meet 2 Chinese factory workers, Lu Qingmin and Wu Chunming" #
  • Beautiful Hi-Res Shanghai Landscape photo taken from the tallest building in Shanghai: Shanghai Worl #
  • New post: MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-09-11 #learnchinese #
  • Our 4y/o picked up our "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and said "If God sent this storm we'd eat the food and 我们就是英雄! save the day!" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Hummer Made In China #china #
  • Our 4y/o said he didn't want fried chicken wings my Chinese father-in-law made. We reminded him. "你说不要 你说不要!You said you didn't want them!" #
  • If a panda is born outside of China, do they retain the panda citizenship of that country where the zoo is located? #
  • Good news. Glad to hear it. Sometimes I don't get sports in China. "China eases pressure on its future sports stars" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Ping Pong In China #china #

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