MandMx #China Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2012-09-11

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  • Classic MandMx: : Christmas Nativity Made In China #china #
  • Myself and our 4y/o practiced phrases at home about dumplings. "I've eaten so many I can't eat one more dumpling. 我吃饱了,一个饺子也吃不下!" #
  • Recently our 4y/o told me clearly that he was a "美国上海人 Měiguó shànghǎi rén American Shanghai person." We all had a good laugh about that. #
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  • Classic MandMx: : Halloween Costumes From China #china #
  • Our 4y/o constantly falls asleep when my Chinese father-in-law gives him his nightly 按摩脚 Ànmó jiǎo foot massage. I think he's faking it! #
  • Classic MandMx: : Michael Jackson In Chinese #china #
  • Comic by Luke McGarry in Bloomberg's "Looking to get ahead? China doesn't want you" #
  • Today our 4y/o said to MX in Chinese, "妈妈,你的肚子越来越小了!Mommy, your tummy is getting smaller and smaller." Our daughter is 43 days old. #
  • Classic MandMx: : 10 Chinese Tattoos You Don't Want #china #
  • Our 4y/o and I went to a Library book sale today. I picked up 3 beginner's Chinese books for about $1 total. Plus the Stilwell Papers! #
  • Getting ready for our 1st church in a while, our 4y/o asked if he was a 帅哥 shuàigē handsome guy. He asked us all. Even his 44 day old 妹妹! #
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  • Conspiracies abound about poison fluoride. Does anyone REALLY buy that? "Poison China: Fluoride, Hotpot and Dog Food!" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Chinese Tongue Twister Mom On A Horse #china #
  • Heading to church on Sunday my Chinese father-in-law said our 4y/o should wear a tie. He told him, "爸爸的领带太长了! Daddy's ties are too long!" #
  • Classic MandMx: : Summer In China Is Watermelons #china #
  • Pretty good. And on teacher's Day! "2 Realistic Videos on Teaching English in China, both with over 30,000 Views" #

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