“China is…” a Photobook from my First Year in China

“China is…” a Photobook from my First Year in China

Wow! What a summer! I’ve been busy making photobooks and reminiscing about my first year in China. I took so many photos! It was hard to consolidate them all and choose the best ones for a couple of these photo books. I made a few this summer but I’m going to highlight one of them that I did.

This was a 5″x5″, paper back, full color photobook ordered from Silver Street Media. It came out really well and 5″x5″ is so small that I can throw it in my carry on or my wife can throw it in her purse! I decided to add to the photos by writing a caption on the opposite side.

If you are interested in the book contact me here. Enjoy the photos!

So many cute kids in China.  This was 10 years ago so these kids are probably all on the internet!

These are hard to take photos of because they are FAST!!

This was the school’s cafeteria.  Rice for everyone.

I love the spring in China.  So beautiful.

With a sink full of dishes I would still be washing them 10 years later!

I would explain what I was doing here…but it would take me 10 minutes!

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