First Year In China: Buying A Coat
April 21st, 2011

First Year In China: Buying A Coat

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  1. Hao Hao Report

    Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

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  2. Ryan

    I feel your pain. I bought the biggest coat in the shop and only got to wear it once or twice before my shoulders threatened to tear the thing Hulk-style at the slightest bend or twist.

  3. M and MX

    Hilarious! That’s probably what happened to this coat. half of me felt like the HULK but then again, half of me was embarrassed!

  4. CGSME

    I went to the market with my home stay mother in Kunming, and she wanted to get me a dress – in the US I’m generally a M though sometimes a small – the dress I tried on was XXL and still was tight on me!! Total ego bust :(

  5. M and MX

    @CGSME That’s funny… well on second thought that’s not funny. For a guy it might be funny. But perhaps women are more sensitive to this kind of thing! But it’s still a good story!