MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2010-11-30

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  • Thanksgiving In China: ChineseComicsOnline #
  • Tuesday is “Chinese TV Day” in Russia! I would love to see how some Babushka (Russian Grandma) enjoys watching great coverage on CCTV. ugh. #
  • “What do garlic and the Federal Reserve have in common? The Fed is making food more expensive for Chinese consumers.” -Gail MarksJarvis #
  • “One of the things that President Obama needs to do is press China to act in a responsible manner (about North Korea).” -Bruce Klingner #
  • The new movie MEGAMIND in theaters now, in Chinese is translated as 超级大坏蛋 Super Scoundrel or Super Bastard! #
  • No idea what the movie EASY A was all about. Then I looked up the name in Chinese: 绯闻计划 “Sex Scandal Plan”. Well, that explains it. #
  • The movie “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” in Chinese is 歪小子斯科特对抗全世界 which translated is “Devious Young Fellow Confronts the Entire World.” #
  • Our 2.9 y/o by mistake ripped out one page from his book. He told me in Chinglish: “爷爷 can fix it. Grandpa can fix it” #
  • Happy Thanksgiving from M and!!: All three of us at (Magnus, MingXing a… #Chinesecomics #
  • Here we go. Russia and China quit the US dollar. “The modernization of China will not affect other countries” impossible #
  • We were eating old dumplings and MX didn’t want to eat them. Our 2.9 y/o yelled out copying us in Chinese: “吃!!EAT!” oh my. #
  • Our 2.9 y/o told us Thanksgiving morning in Chinese: “火鸡的腿很好吃! The Turkey leg is delicious!” #thanksgiving #
  • 10-foot alligator went into an Orlando mall. Police call it a close call. Panda Express calls it “Combo Meal No. 4.” -Jimmy Fallon #
  • Expat Tweets From Beijing @sarahplusone: original tweet. #Chinesecomics #
  • We stopped at a gas station tonight and our 2.9 y/o said in Chinese: “爸爸加肉! Daddy’s adding meat.” We corrected him. “加油不是加肉.” Gas not meat. #
  • WHICH STORY IS MORE IMPORTANT? Obama needs 12 stitches from basketball game. OR Son of Taiwan VP shot in the head at pre-election rally. #
  • WSJ article about a food fight in a school in Guizhou China. Dumplings would be the best in a Chinese food fight. Noodles the messiest. #
  • “China is having a much harder time in defending its policy, but they only have themselves to blame.” -Michael Green, Asian Policy for Bush #
  • Ooops. I turned around and the Asian games are over. Oops. Missed that! #
  • Khrushchev Quote: #Chinesecomics #
  • Chinese believe that through policemen + demolition teams they can maintain social stability + economic growth. -Ye Hailin, People’s Daily #
  • If the US gov’t can’t do anything about Mr. #Wikileaks leaking all over then I’m sure the Chinese gov’t will be smacking him down soon. #
  • “I used to think Obama was nice. Then intelligent. Now shrewd, like Hu Jintao. Obama is a strategist.” -senior leader SOE in China, HUFFPO #
  • Jeff Danziger: political cartoons Kid sits on Santa’s lap and asks: “So how are things in China?” #
  • Chinese Movie Plot: Middle-aged chef Er Bao hasn’t figured out the secret recipe for steamed stuffed buns. All downhill from there. 大玩家 #
  • Reagan said go to France, Japan and it’s hard to be French, Japanese. But come to USA and you become American. -Paul Hsu USA born in Taiwan. #
  • Vancouver neighborhoods with 18%+ Chinese population address with 4 were 2.1% discount. Ending with 8 got a 2.5 % bonus. #
  • Leslie Neilson passed away. Hmmm. So much humor that Chinese understand and then so much that they wouldn’t find funny. #
  • RT @raykwong: Jobless Lindsay Lohan considering TEFL work in China. Lesson Plan Ideas: Hangovers can be fun! #
  • I need to learn more Chinese characters like a chinchilla needs to use chopsticks for its dinner. #
  • “Nancy Pelosi had the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) scared to death on the eve of her visit.” -Ambassador Cheng Guoping #
  • “Is it just me or is Hillary Clinton looking more and more like Mao Zedong?” -Rush Limbaugh 11/29/2010 #
  • Youku: Chinese rip off of Youtube. Kaixinwang: #Chinese rip off of Facebook. But Chinese Wikileaks? They don’t even want to alter the name? #
  • First, Cambodia had a stampede. Then Black Friday everyone in the US stampeded to find a toy. Now in Xinjiang a stampede of school children. #

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