Top 19 Shanghai Expo Tweets from @MandMx

Top 19 Shanghai Expo Tweets from @MandMx

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We’ve tweeted a lot over the time of the Shanghai Expo and we’ve come up with our TOP 19 Tweets having to do with the Shanghai Expo.

1.  开心网中国中央电视台的新闻: 有关部门经过历时一年半的研究,发现女性上厕所的时间比男性长,所以有针对性地调整了世博会的厕所配置。 CCTV: women take longer in the bathroom than men! Expo changed accordingly. 3:50 PM Apr 24th

2.  Shanghai Expo Spanish Pavilion has a huge creepy baby. I can almost see the baby picking people up and eating them. 10:52 AM Apr 29th

3.  RT @shanghaidaily: Good morning! Today is a big day. Expo is going to open in about 9 hours! I HOPE YOU ARE READY!? 12:01 AM Apr 30th

4.  Shanghai Expo visitors had better bring a good book next time they line up outside pavilions, waiting times 2 and 4 hours. -China Daily 8:49 AM May 1st

5.  We’re going to start #Shanghai #Expo 2010 comics every Monday till this whole darn expo thing is over. We’ve got some good ones coming up! 12:54 AM May 2nd

6.  #Shanghai Expo can’t get these big occasions right Chinese aren’t very good at queueing but do the traditional mêlée, 9:06 AM May 3rd

7.  Crowds endure waits as Shanghai’s Expo opens “People still lining up at midnight to visit pavilions.” 11:28 PM May 3rd

8.  FORBES #Shanghai Expo USA Pavilion “‘In 1994 Congress passed a law that State Department couldn’t spend money on expos” 11:39 PM May 3rd

9.  Today our 2 year old said that he likes to eat 海宝 hǎibǎo. He was supposed to say 汉堡 hànbǎo. 海宝 hǎibǎo is the #Shanghai Expo mascot! 啊呀! 1:50 PM May 5th

10.  Great Title: #Shanghai Expo: Squat Toilets and Touch screens “Locals have an astounding capacity to nap in public.” 9:20 AM May 11th

11.  WOW you thought #Shanghai Expo HAIBAO 海宝 was bad? London Olympics mascots are worse! They call it “Patronizing Rubbish.” 1:05 AM May 20th

12.  Ahmadinejad will be attending Expo #Shanghai 2010 “Clinton said Iran would pull some stunt in the next couple of days” 12:30 PM Jun 7th

13.  Unbelievable video on YouKu Shanghai Expo at the Chinese Pavilion when the door opens after the security check. MUST SEE! 1:05 AM Jun 10th

14.  VIDEO: China Pavilion – marching of the lemmings 2 hours from the gate of the Expo to the belly of the China Pavilion. 2:00 PM Jul 6th

15.  Kobe Bryant in Beijing. Chery Cars denies spying on General Motors. Yao Ming at the EXPO. I wonder if he can get to the front of the line? 9:35 AM Jul 27th

16.  “Shanghai demonstrated that when you host the World Expo, the world comes to you and I want the world to come to CA.” -Governator, CA 9:43 AM Sep 13th

17.  One more month of the Shanghai EXPO. Tibet has the plague. Japan and China aren’t apologizing. And China buying more… horses? 10:47 AM Sep 26th

18.  Great article on @ChinaGeeks about beating up on the Shanghai Expo “empty buildings, and videos are waiting for you.” 12:20 AM Sep 29th

19.  人山人海 rénshānrénhǎi A sea of people. Example: 10/03/10 Forbidden City Beijing 10/03/10 Shanghai Expo 12:05 AM Oct 4th

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Did you tweet about the Expo?  What were some of your classic tweets?

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