MandMx Twitter Tweets of the Week for 2010-10-07

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  • Studying Mandarin Chinese Is…: ChineseComicsOnline #

  • Set in futuristic Australia where Chinatown is the largest part of every city and Mandarin is as prolific as English. #
  • Mark Zuckerburg and Priscilla Chan will vacation together in China this winter. He's preparing for it by learning Mandarin. -Danielle Berrin #
  • BBC says no more of the CBeebies. There's a story about 1 of the characters allegedly swearing when his words were translated into Mandarin! #
  • Does anyone find it strange that China is sending up Lunar probes near the Mid Autumn Festival. Call me a lunatic but it seems planned! #
  • Panda is now a brand of cheese. I guess in the Middle East. Hilarious ads on YouTube. I love everyone's look. #
  • So @tomfriedman wants USA to be like China. @NYTimesKrugman wants USA to be tough on China. And I want to eat Chinese. That explains it! #
  • "China just renewed its most popular show, 'Jon & Kate Plus One and That’s It.'" -Jimmy Fallon #
  • Obama + the Democrat's new plan is called Generation 44 for the young people's vote. 44? In China wouldn't that be Generation death death! #
  • IBD has a great piece on China about the bill just passed in the US House. They say it's possibly Smoot Hawley part 2. #
  • Tonight our 2.8 y/o would only write his letters (he only knows R) if his stuffed cat was watching. 猫看睿恩写字! Cat watch Ryan write letters! #
  • "China is rich in people but short of resources. It wants stable supplies, not to buy on the open market." Jonathan Fenby, Trusted Resources #
  • "These are massive, massive numbers." -Robin Geffen CEO Neptune Investment talking about China buying 40% of Brazil's oil business. #
  • 5 Reasons Obama's the same old and gov't workers: the new elite. @danharris is sounding more like a Tea Party person! Glad I wasn't fooled! #