@MandMx Twitter Updates for 2010-10-01

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  • Five Things My Mom Taught Me in the Kitchen that I Still Use Today: Ming Tsai http://ht.ly/2M4DX 3. You can never have too much rice #
  • Great review over at @jossailin and Speaking of China about our new book! http://ht.ly/2M5SA Electric Voices and Stinky Tofu. Thanks! #
  • RT @BeijingWithKids: such amazing parents! @ambrosejen Beijing Homeschoolers in the Global Times. http://bit.ly/bCDBZm Great Article! #
  • "Chinese gov't honored 50 foreign experts for helping China's development." My tax form in China said, Thank you for your help. Tax paid? $0 #
  • China is unlikely to engage in catastrophic escalation because they are running the surplus, they have something to lose. -Ian Fletcher #
  • Great site! Future of US China Trade http://ht.ly/2MhxN Joint venture with Arizona State U and Kearny Alliance. Both in English and Chinese! #
  • US House passed HR 2378 about China's currency issues! #China says bill to weaken ties between both countries. Oh well. I'm off to Walmart! #
  • "Obama is forming close relationships with other countries against China, it will be destabilizing." -Liu Guijin Ministry Foreign Commerce #
  • Chatting with my sister on my cell phone. Our 2.8 y/o got his toy cell phone. He said in Chinese "爸爸的手机,睿恩的手机. Daddy's phone, Ryan's phone." #
  • Studying Mandarin Chinese Is…:

    http://bit.ly/b31E2D ChineseComicsOnline #