8 China Podcasts in English you MUST subscribe to

8 China Podcasts in English you MUST subscribe to

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It’s truly amazing how the internet changes from time to time.  One day there is tons of information out there and many ways to get it, then the next day it’s gone.  But the next day there are 3 other sources to get information from.   Podcasts are the same way.  Easy come easy go.  But there are a few podcasts out there that we wanted to highlight because they are informative and fun to listen to.  If you are interested in what is going on in China and the regular media isn’t enough, than this list is for you.

Definition: China Podcasts in English - mp3s that are downloadable via iTunes, the subject and topic are relating to China or Chinese but the main language of the host(s) is English with occasional Chinese words spoken with close to proper pronunciation.

Our list is in NO particular order:

1.  Sinica Podcast - Relatively new, this is an awesome and informative podcast about all things political and “taboo” in China.  They are hosted by Popup Chinese, a Chinese learning podcast company, and they offer great insights from Forbes, public relation experience, failed music endeavors and journalists.  They are long, about 30 minutes or so, but quick paced and changing the topics keeps your interest.  There are also varied English accents from Britain, America, Asian and South African.  Their pronunciation of Chinese names and words are top notch and are not laughable as some of the media out there.

2.  China Business Podcasts - Kent Kedl from Technomic Asia hasn’t posted in a while but each of his podcasts are as good as his old articles in City Weekend that I used to read in Shanghai.  His focus is doing business in China for Western companies and some of his more business related shows can be slow.  But every once in a while he goes into the topic of cultural differences and leaves you laughing.

3.  ChengDu Living Podcast - Another relative new comer to the China Podcast world but not a new comer to life in China.  Sascha, Eli and Charlie are the three hosts who bring a very unique perspective from the Sichuan province.  They use the relative freedom of podcasting to use the explicit label but over all it seems like they had fun.  We look forward to more unique Sichuan and southwestern China stories from this trio.

4.  China Talking Points Podcast- I have to be honest, while researching this post I found out about this podcast but I was impressed from the get go.  Eric and Michael both came to China in the 1980s and have pretty much stayed since.  Eric has media experience and Michael has the business experience.  Together they will give you great insight into life, business and the great change that is still happening in China.

5.  M and Mx Radio – News about China – I had to include our own!  We started a couple months ago when our Shanghainese podcast had reached over 50 shows.  We strive to be apolitical and bring you stories that are of more human interest.  Anything out there that is about China and strikes our interest we’ll put it up on our show.  Quick and simple, only 5-8 minutes, M and Mx Radio is a great way to get up to date on what’s going on in China.

6.  American Chamber of Commerce/China Podcast - This one is not updated so regularly but recently they had a couple good shows.  The interviews are via phone and not really so clear but ultimately the show is interesting.  They had a show about Danwei and also we used a clip from their interview on Peter Hessler.

7.  China Watch from The Street - For those interested in China business and the intricacies of stocks and business success and failures, this show is for you.  They seem to put a couple interviews together with the constant filler music dividing each interview. Quick and simple and informative for those interested in the insides of business in China.

8.  Urbanatomy China Podcast - Explicit and outrageous, these guys are part of THAT’S SHANGHAI magazine and record in the ChinesePod recording studio if it’s open.  They report about stuff going on in Shanghai and highlight articles that are in their magazine.  If you like the magazine you’ll enjoy this eclectic podcast.  Their pronunciation in English is also varied but their pronunciation of Chinese might not be perfect.

Can you think of anymore?  Which one is your favorite?


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