Shanghainese: 3 Kinds of Rice Porridge

Shanghainese: 3 Kinds of Rice Porridge

上海话: 三种粥


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Two interesting posts that I’ve seen recently.

First one from Annals of Wu who alerted us to Chinesepod starting Shanghainese podcasts and lessons soon.

Here’s a quote:

“Thus they will be (language-focused) extra content aimed at bringing more insight to Chinese life and culture. In honor of the city ChinesePod calls home, we will begin with Shanghainese. We hope to move on to beijinghua and more, but we’ll need your input to help decide which dialects deserve a close look!”

So there you have it.  We’ve taken too much from Chinesepod and they want to get in on our gig.  Just kidding.  No, we’re happy that Chinesepod will try their hand on Shanghainese.  The question is: will it be on the pay side or the FREEBIE side??

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  1. Meo

    Hi, M and MX. I am Meo. Thank you for the production of Shanghaihua podcasts. I listened to all of of them and find it very useful as I am try my best to learn this dialect. Would you mind if I give some suggestions?

    First of all, it would be great if you can teach some basic sentence structures which can be 舉一反三, such as “I would like to..”, “Can you.. please?”, “I am grateful that/if..”, “I totally agree to..”, “In my opinion..”, “I think that..” and then give some examples or teach some related vocabularies..

    e.g I would like to eat/drink/go.. to eat 小籠飽/灌湯飽/粢飯/油條/大餅; to drink milk tea/coffee/甜豆漿/咸豆漿; to go to cinema/shopping mall/步行街; I am feeling good/bad/so-so/happy..

    If it is possible, it is good to introduce Shanghai from 衣食住行、scenic spots、culture、customs、holidays、foods etc. What do M and MX think?

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