Shanghainese 上海话: Give me a phone call 给我打电话

Shanghainese 上海话: Give me a phone call 给我打电话


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  1. Zhefei

    I’m glad I came across your site. These Shanghainese lessons are quite interesting.

    If I may suggest an improvement: It would be much more helpful if MX spoke much more slowly, and gradually worked up to a normal, or fluent conversation speed. If I didn’t know most of the words already, i would never catch on to the words or pronunciation.

    Otherwise, great podcast! short length, helpful discussion, and good examples.

  2. hawflakes

    Howdy, got back a few weeks ago from the cold of the Shanghai winter. Have you listened to the David Tao song “今天不回家”(Shanghaied) ?

    It features some Shanghainese phrases including the one taught here.

    Also, I think I’ve also heard the 打 in 打电话 sound like two syllables— “da-ang” is this older usage?

  3. hawflakes

    I found the original? ktv version which has mandarin translation of the Shanghainese spoken in the song.