Shanghainese上海话: Too Expensive 太贵了

Shanghainese上海话: Too Expensive 太贵了


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Shanghainese Links:  Woks and Pajamas

Recently, I found this article about an old Shanghainese Wok maker on the Faster Times.  The author had an interesting point about how many of the old Shanghainese are all about new stuff and some of the wacky foreigners are all about the old stuff in Shanghai.  When both meet, neither understands each other.

She writes:

“Our differing opinions on old vs. new is something you see a lot in China. There’s a gap of sorts between the older Chinese who value anything new and the foreigners and some younger Chinese who are eager to savor pieces of the rapidly changing city’s past.  We lament the demolition of old buildings. They celebrate the glory of modernity.”

I’ve seen this also in terms of behavior and morals.  As the morals are changing (or have changed) in China, the older look at the new behaviors as normal and when they meet people who don’t do the same they are confused.

In other interesting Shanghainese news:

On Fool’s Mountain: Blogging for China, they have a great collection of the constant debate about the Shanghainese wearing pajamas in public.  We all saw it.  We all don’t understand.  But it’s still fun to debate about it.

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