China Stories Baked Potato In China
November 13th, 2009

China Stories Baked Potato In China


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  2. chinamatt

    I was very disappointed to find out that thing wasn’t an oven…or even a dishwasher.

  3. M and MX

    Sorry Chinamatt, but Mx was rolling on the floor with your comment. She doesn’t believe that I too thought it was some sort of oven/dishwasher type thing. Actually this was a TRUE story from a Reader! Hilarious!

  4. Ryan

    You can put me in that boat too — was so excited to have an oven, then let down when I was told it was for dishes. Further sunk into disappointment when I found out it wouldn’t even clean the dishes.

    How is it that germaphobes have more common appliances in Chinese apartments than baked-goods lovers?

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    […] LLW: What’s up next for MandMX, and how can people learn more about you guys? M: We hope to have another book at some point in the new year. We’re trying to sell the book through Google but I know there might be some trouble with that in China. People can always have their family members in Western countries order the book and we’ll ship it to China! Just make sure the address to China is there. We’re on Twitter where I post about China news and what my bilingual son says that makes us both laugh! We’ve got a Facebook Fan page and we also do China Stories. If readers have funny stories about their time in China or talking to Chinese in their home country or anything to do with China they can go here and send the story to us and we’ll try to make it into a comic. We’ve done a few already, my favorite one is about the sterilized potato! […]