Shanghainese上海话:pay the bill 买单

Shanghainese上海话:pay the bill 买单


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“Once the dialect is lost,” says Ma Lili, deputy chief director of the Hu Opera Theater of Shanghai, “the culture will surely follow.”

OH NO!  What does this mean?  The Shanghai EXPO is coming soon, next year, and in Shanghai they are going around telling people to speak Mandarin!!  According to the Global Times article from back in June there is a massive push for Mandarin in Shanghai.

“Huang, a 25 year-old native Shanghainese, said it was not unusual to see parents speaking in Shanghai dialect and their children using Putonghua.  “I have seen parents ask questions in Shanghai dialect while their kids respond in Putonghua. In the end, both switched to speaking Putonghua for convenience.”  Huang said she speaks local dialect to fellow Shanghainese: Like most Shanghainese born in the ’80s, she still communicates better in her local dialect. But that is changing, and changing fast, she believed: those Shanghainese born in the ’90s seemingly prefer Putonghua.”

Is this the beginning of the end of Shanghainese?  Not if we can help it.  We need more people to learn from our podcasts so that we can keep Shanghainese alive!

Article also at the Shanghaiist.

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