Shanghainese 上海话: Annoying Small Change 赖头分(零钱)


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Shanghainese NEWS:

This is a cool thing that has just happened in Shanghai and the responses from people “on the street.”  Found here.

Q: The Shanghai dialect has been used at some shopping malls along with Mandarin and English.  What do you think?

Xue Dongming a 22 year old student from Shanghai says, ” I think it’s unnecessary as Shanghai is an international city with people coming from all over the world.”

Zhou Zhou a 27 year old white collar worker from Shanghai says,  ” It’s a good idea as many native old men can not understand Mandarin or English.”

Qian Shuixin a 21 year old student from Shanghai says, ” I think it’s a good way to save the Shanghai dialect from extinction as many local children can’t speak the dialect now.”

Andy Wang a 28 year old trade agent from Shanghai says, ” The Shanghai dialect sounds strange in the broadcasts because I’ve never heard it before. Maybe I will get used to it over time.”

Yao Daquan a 37 year old reporter from Jiangsu Province says  “More public places should use the Shanghai dialect because it represents the city’s unique culture.”

Magnus a 32 year old cartoonist and dad from America says, “I think it’s a great thing.  I know in other parts of China they use the local dialect along with Mandarin and English in Subway announcements and shopping mall announcements.  I think it’s a great idea!  Way to go SHANGHAI!  Everybody can learn more Shanghainese little by little!”

What do you think?



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