Shanghainese上海话: Small Hairy Head 小毛头

Shanghainese上海话: Small Hairy Head 小毛头

shanghaihua-picture32This is a way that Shanghainese describe a new born baby.  When Ryan was a newborn… he really had a hairy head!  Crazy!

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Shanghainese News:

From a LAW website called there was a “postcard” from Shanghai.  The article was basically about a lawyer who works for a firm called Eversheds who was transfered to Shanghai.  He talks about how much he loves Shanghai and then makes a couple comments about learning Mandarin and Shanghainese.  Here is a quote:

Having lived in China previously I knew the bare basics of Mandarin necessary to survive in a city where no one spoke any English. But a part time course and language lessons while I’ve been out here have been a great help at work as many of the documents I work with are in Mandarin. However, while Mandarin is still very useful for getting about, the vast majority of locals speak Shanghainese and because of their fierce pride in being from Shanghai they often refuse to speak in much else. This has meant that I’ve had to pick up basic Shanghainese as well (which is often completely different to the Mandarin versions of the words).

Exactly.  This is so true.  There are stories too about young Shanghainese who are fired from multinational companies for refusing to speak English or Mandarin.  This of course causes much uproar amongst the locals but I can totally understand.  When we go home to see MX’s mom and dad, it’s usually all Shanghainese.  I feel like I’m back at square one again.

He also talks about the plethora of things that you can do in Shanghai that you can’t do or couldn’t find in your home country.  His article finishes with this quote:

This is what makes China such a great place to live – if I’m ever without any plans for an evening then it really is enough to just take a walk.

True.  So true.  Well, Charlie, you should start listening to our podcast and that way you’ll learn more and more so that you can shock your friends all around you!  Tell us what you think??


We also got interviewed on The Annals of Wu about our podcasts.  Thanks guys!

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