Shanghainese 上海话: Money money money 钱 钱 钱

Shanghainese 上海话: Money money money 钱 钱 钱


This is our 30th SHOW!  WOW!  Cool.  我们第三十个节目! 厉害!

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Comics having to do with MONEY on

New Year’s Lucky Money.

A whole week of relationship comics relating to money.  “My money is mine and your money is mine!”


  1. hawflakes

    My father’s Shanghainese from the diaspora and he (and my grandparents) always referred to money as dong3di2 (poor transliteration into pinyin)

    I’m assuming the current usage of 钞票 was relatively recent (my aunt didn’t leave until the 50s)?

  2. M and MX

    Hi Hawflakes,
    First of all, thanks for listening. I’m sure your grandparents would be happy to hear that you are learning Shanghainese. Yes, we do say “铜钿” (dongdi) in Shanghaihua, but don’t look for this in a Mandarin dictionary, cause you won’t find it. Just like English, there are different ways to say money in Shanghaihua. We only chose 2 for this show. Perhaps we’ll put this in another money show in the future. Thanks again. – MX