Shanghainese上海话: Grade A 一级

Shanghainese上海话: Grade A 一级


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A crazy story from Shanghai Daily this week reminds me that there are heroes in this world.

Shanghai Yangpu Bridge going from Puxi to Pudong.

Bus filled with people.

Bus out of control.

Bus slams into cars as it careens over the bridge.

Bus lights go out.

People freaking out.

Bus slams into taxi head on.

Bus driver flies through windshield.

People continue to freak out.

From the back of the bus, Chen Wei leaves his son on the seat and goes up through the screaming and freaking out people to help the driver.

Bus continuing to careen out of control.

Chen Wei tries to control the bus by steering.  He couldn’t.

He looks around for what might look like something to stop the bus.

Finds a pedal.  Steps on it.

It’s the brake.  The bus screeches to a halt.  Everyone was saved!

He insists he is not a hero.

He should get a free ride for the rest of his life.

Strange thing is: he doesn’t know how to drive!