Ryan Studies Chinese 睿恩学中文: Get Down 下来

Ryan Studies Chinese 睿恩学中文: Get Down 下来

For those in China:

Wealthy Father wants Daughters to Study Mandarin

I just read a fascinating article from CNBC.  The story goes that the chairman of Rogers Holdings was so serious about his daughters learning Chinese that he moved to Singapore with his family and hired a Chinese AYI or governess that speaks Mandarin.  His two little girls one 6 years old and the other just 1 year old already can understand Chinese, and the six year old’s Chinese is just as good as her English.  His quotations though are really interesting:

“His single best investments – his daughters – and Rogers is set on making sure they get the best education possible.  I want my little girls to grow up understanding Asia and speaking Mandarin. I think the best skill that I can give people born in 2003 and 2008, is to be fluent in Mandarin and to know Asia, says Rogers.  It (speaking Mandarin) will not make them successful … there are a lot of people who speak Mandarin who aren’t successful. But at least it will give them a skill, which would be useful in their lifetime.”

At the end of the article there is a saying that says, “Ability is the poor man’s wealth.”  Isn’t that the truth!

He is in another article about buying RMB because he says it will be the next big currency!

Hopefully Ryan will meet these girls one day!

-M and MX