Study Chinese with Ryan 睿恩学中文: Breaktime 休息一下

Study Chinese with Ryan 睿恩学中文: Breaktime 休息一下

Greetings to all the new readers, watchers and listeners!

This weekend was great since received links to 3 big websites: ChinaSMACK, CowboyCaleb and Annals of WU.

Thanks for the link and the mention.  There’s tons here so everyone can take their time and read the comics, listen to the podcasts and watch our son study Chinese.

Help yourself study more Chinese, or learn more English or learn good translations!  We hope you laugh, learn and come back again!

By the way, if you have any good stories from living in China…GO HERE! Maybe we can make it into a cartoon for you and show everyone!!!

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For those in China.