Shanghaihua 上海话: Sleep 睡觉

Shanghaihua 上海话: Sleep 睡觉

shanghaihua-picture33Sleep is very important.  We all need it.  You need to know how to say it in Shanghainese too!

We also include a great story from life in Shanghai.

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Shanghainese LINKS:

This is an awesome video that I found on LOST LAOWAI. If you’ve never been to Shanghai this is a great view. If you have been to Shanghai and are now away from Shanghai this will make you miss it… I guarantee it!

Zhapu Road from MK Media Productions on Vimeo.

original video from here.


  1. meiguo ben dan

    This is awesome stuff—keep up the good work.

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  3. Richard

    Wow. M, your Mandarin is fantastic! I’ve never heard an American (?) man speak so well in Chinese! This is fantastic Shanghainese =)