Shanghaihua 上海话:Monday Tuesday Wednesday 礼拜一,礼拜二,礼拜三

shanghaihua-picture33As you are progressing on your Shanghainese, you will need to know the days of the week.  If you know the numbers that we did a while ago, you will easily get the days of the week.  Keep on working and keep on learning this Shanghai language.  It’s hard and difficult but when you meet a Shanghainese, they will be impressed and you will impress yourself!!

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Shanghainese Links:

Amazing new Shanghaihua shows that are acutally teaching English using Shanghainese.  This is too cool and too funny.  MX was on the floor laughing  these guys.  Along with our Shanghaihua and this other show, your Shanghainese will SURELY improve!  Plus we love the name of the site!