Shanghaihua 上海话: What did you say? 你说什么?

Shanghaihua 上海话: What did you say? 你说什么?

shanghaihua-picture33Many times while living in China and speaking Chinese people speak very fast to you.  So this phrase is really important to be able to say.  Plus if you are trying to really show off and impress people, this phrase is also really important.  Use it on the street, at the market, at the bar, where ever?!!

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Shanghai links:

First one:

New York Times did a nice job recently on “36 hours in Shanghai.”  They touch on all the expensive places in Pudong and Puxi.  But one thing I thought was funny was the line about “Yang’s Fry Dumplings” on Wujiang Road, they explain…

“…pork dumplings encrusted in sesame seeds and scallions (1 yuan each) — that are so deliciously soupy you might wish you had a bib. The trick: bite a small hole and slurp out the juices.”

Anyone who has visited me for more than a few hours in Shanghai knows that place.  The lines are always long meaning that it’s a good place.  But I’ve heard recently that since Wujiang road is undergoing such changes, Yang’s Fry Dumplings are all getting the boot and there won’t be anything there except ritzy places.  Is that true?

One thing they didn’t mention was the potholder they use there to move the HOT pan filled with dumplings: A piece of cardboard.  Hilarious.

Second one:

SuixunTong is a new site done by a popular online podcasting host, Jenny Zhu.  She had an interview with a chef at the Shanghai Grand Hyatt and his experiences doing business and managing in China.  Fascinating ideas and sharing his experience.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and learned a lot.  It’s a podcast so I seriously recommend sitting and listening to it or downloading it and GO!

The best part of the show was when Jenny mentioned that the chef was learning SHANGHAINESE!  AWESOME!  He says he hasn’t learned much but that’s ok.  He can come here and learn a bit every week!  The Shanghainese part starts around 10:55… so check it out!