Shanghaihua 上海话: 1-5

Shanghaihua 上海话: 1-5


Numbers.  Numbers are probably the first thing you learn when you study a language because it’s the most important and most useful.  Same in Shanghainese.  The numbers are different in Mandarin and Shanghainese…so these are ESSENTIAL!  You hear them every day!  Why not practice them everyday!

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For 6-10 you can hear that here.

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Another article in Shanghai Daily talking about a new art exhibit about the people in Shanghai.  Many questions are asked in the article but not really answered.

“It’s definitely a beautiful fine art exhibition, but it is also about the artist’s trial to ask of a modern society like Shanghai – do you know what happiness is? What makes you really happy? I think it’s very sharp and points out what Shanghainese are looking for today.”

So, what are the Shanghainese really looking for today?  Money?  A good life?  Money?  A loving family?  Money?  Shoes?  Make up?  Money?  Coffee?

What do you think Shanghainese are looking for?


  1. Jimmy McW

    Your impersonation of the ladies at the convenience store was hilarious. But I think you said 两快五角 not 2.8. I think my Shanghaihua is getting better than MX’s!!

  2. Caspar


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