Shanghaihua: I love you 上海话:我爱你

Shanghaihua: I love you 上海话:我爱你

shanghaihua-picture3Happy Valentine’s Day!  Valentine’s Day in Shanghai is BIG!  Girls who have everything want more for Valentine’s Day.  Everywhere you so pink, red, chocolates, flowers and men hurrying along with bouquets of flowers and girls waiting impatiently.  Good luck trying to find a restaurant on February 14th… NOT A CHANCE.  But all in all, the Shanghainese say this in a special way.  This is good for everyone because LOVE crosses all language borders!

情人节快乐!在上海情人节越来越大。 所有的上海姑娘特别喜欢情人节。 你要在外面吃饭,祝你好运! 很难找到一个空的饭店! 上海话“我爱你” 怎么说?

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  1. Ben

    Hey, just wanted to check out your website. It’s pretty cool…comic strips and even shanghainese lessons! Magnus are you ‘M’? If so your Chinese is pretty good…I’m not gonna even try learning Shanghainese…haha…

  2. admin

    Ben Ben Ben… Shanghainese can be your new hobby. Don’t worry about it. Just take it slow. Easy does it. Enjoy!

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