Shanghaihua: I don’t know 上海话: 我不知道

Shanghaihua: I don’t know 上海话: 我不知道

What is your name?  I don’t know.  Where are you from?  I don’t know.  What are you doing?  I don’t know!  Do you have a girlfriend?  I don’t know.  So much fun!  You can use this with every question that you get in Shanghai,remember it’s good practice!

你叫什么名字? 不知道。 你是哪个国家的? 不知道。  你到哪里去? 我不知道! 你有没有女朋友? 我不知道! 太好玩啦! 在上海每个问题你可以这样说, 你可以这样练习!

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  1. Jimmy

    You couple are so CUTE~~

  2. Jimmy

    Question: So I thought 我知道 meant “I know” as in “I already knew that.” And 知道了 was more like “Now I know” or “I understand” like you just learned something new.