Shanghaihua: Thank you 上海话: 谢谢你

Shanghaihua: Thank you 上海话: 谢谢你

Thank you is one of the most important phrases in English and also in Chinese.  But in Shanghai we use it all the time.  So this is a super useful phrase.  Use it at work, use it at the restaurant, use it on the bus, use it on the subway, etc etc.

”谢谢你“是英文和中文中最重要的字句之一。 在上海话里我们一样也经常会用到!  大家可以在上班的时候用到,在饭店用到,在公交车里用到,地铁里用到。现在就跟M和MX一起来学这句上海话吧!!!

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  1. Paul

    Nice idea. Some tips:

    It would help if the guy actually learnt what would be in the lesson before the podcast – and learn the pronunciation, I just heard the same phrase said at least 4 different ways.

    The girl should repeat the phrase at a slower pace, then at a higher pace. It should also be her doing the bulk of the Chinese speaking, obviously, as she’s got the accent and pronunciation.

    I’ll tune in regularly.

  2. admin

    Thanks for the tips Paul. We’ll try to incorporate your ideas! Oh and are you saying that my Chinese isn’t good??? Unfortunately MX would probably agree!

  3. laura

    haha, cute podcast… ^^’
    happy to find this site, really wanna learn some shanghainese (my bf is from shanghai =P), but more than just 2-3 sentences… maybe u could introduce us to more sentences in 1 podcast? maybe some “how to introduce yourself in sh” -like podcast?
    and M, your chinese is fun “…我非常感谢很多人” ; )
    keep it up!

  4. Jimmy McW

    Sweet. Since we’re giving tips: Is there such thing as pinyin for Shanghaihua? I am loving the podcasts, but it’s really hard to review without some help. Maybe I should take a look myself and see what I can find. I’ve heard there are books.

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