Shanghaihua: hello goodbye 上海话- 你好再见

Shanghaihua: hello goodbye 上海话- 你好再见

Welcome to the first ever Shanghai Dialect Podcast from  Listen for free and impress the over 20 million Shanghainese around the world!


Today’s Lesson:  Hello and Goodbye.

今天的节目: 你好, 再见

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  1. Jimmy

    This is so cute :P

  2. Mike

    Great idea! I’m very glad that you two are doing this. I feel that my Chinese capabilities are expanding greatly with your help.


  3. Lee

    This is great! I can get to practice my heritage language – Shanghainese. Thank you for your efforts!

  4. M and MX

    Glad you like it LEE! Thanks for listening!

  5. Bruno Fu Petry

    c’mon … sometimes you say the words very funny! but that’s a great job, Shanghainese needs to be explore with alternative media…

  6. menglelan

    This is a great idea, this Shanghai hua podcast site. I hope you will add a transcript of pronunciation to each podcast too to help us with the sounds.

  7. Nicholas Cripps

    What are the tones in Shanghainese?

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