Month number 7

Month number 7

Months go by and Michelle’s belly is getting bigger.

This month we had an interesting time buying music for the baby. There is so much out there that it is staggering to think of all the products. There is Mozart for babies, there’s Mozart for smart babies, there is even Mozart for Geniuses…
Crazy. Since we didn’t really want a GENIUS in our family, we just wanted a smart child, we decided on a couple of the cheapest CDs. When we got home we found that it was Mozart in name only, it was some cheesy synthesizer music that sounded remotely like Mozart. We returned them all except one because we opened it to hear it… annoying. Then we went ahead and bought one that we could trust. We’ve been listening to it since. THANKS WOLFGANG!!

One of the funniest things is no matter where we go nowadays, a store, shopping mall, school, convenience store whereever, someone
always says, “IT’S a boy.” It’s so strange. I keep thinking that the reason they say that is because they want you to feel good. But it makes me feel not so good since I would love to have a girl. Everyone asks me that too, so I’ve been able to tell everyone that I want a girl, but if we have a boy that’s great too. I also go on to say that it’s God’s will, we just want a healthy baby.

Michelle’s belly changes everyday. Some days it’s soft and pliable, other days it’s like a rock. It’s amazing. Some days I touch the belly, and it’s nice and soft and gooshy like my bellly and the next second after I start talking with the baby it hardens like a rock and then I hurt myself. CRAZY.

Any doctors out there or mothers out there who know what’s going on with the belly?

Month number 8 and counting.

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