Pregnant Story MONTH 5

Pregnant Story MONTH 5


My mind races. Often. I keep thinking that I am going to be a father. I notice babies more. I notice bad fathers and mothers now. I notice smiling grandparents and happy babies more. And this pregnancy and summer moves on. A strange phenomenon happened this month that we were not expecting. We were not ready. We were perplexed and confused. We didn’t know what to do… Michelle’s belly started itching. I was confused until we looked into the book that my oldest sister sent to us. She’s officially given birth to 5 children, so any advice from her is like gold to us. The baby is getting bigger and bigger and the skin is stretching. Fascinating. So the stretched skin itches a bit. So funny. So interesting. And virtually nothing I can do… but scratch a bit.

Our lives changed in other ways too. We received a package a while back and we were very excited. My parents and family members are good about consistently sending us stuff. You name it they will try to send it to us. Not much food for various reasons. Books are a big thing they send, most of them have been read and are really good books. Lots of letters from nieces and nephews have been sent. Even deodorant has been sent to make my wife and others on the bus and subway very very happy. Coffee has even been sent and every last ground of coffee that has been sent has been consumed. (this is not a shameless way of telling you I want more… honest.) But when we received a package the other day, my life changed, my thinking adjusted and my selfishness started melting away a bit. Just a bit. I was excited to think of what stuff was inside. I was excited about the coffee, a new book or whatever they sent. But when we opened the box, we found baby clothes. Oh, yes, of course. Baby clothes. That’s right. I’m going to be a father. Gifts will start to change. Gifts will focus more on the child not on me. This is a great lesson. So selfish.

Recently, while Michelle has been resting in bed, I’ve crept up to her and decided to become acquainted with our new member of the family. What fun it is. They don’t talk back yet. But I’ve been talking about current events happening in this crazy world. I’ve been explaining what it’s like in Shanghai. I’ve been filling the baby in about his or her mother. Also about his or her grandparents. Both sets. Especially how he or she won’t be able to understand the China grandparents, but mommy understands them, and how daddy and you will be in the same boat, we won’t be able to understand much of anything here. As a matter of fact, the idea of China is hard to understand. And we might be going to America sometime soon, that is hard to understand too. We’ve heard that my voice is good for the baby to hear, but at this point I think the baby will come out and look at me and hear my voice and think, “Ah ya, this is the guy with the weak jokes and bad breath!”

On to Month 6. We’re almost done!


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