Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. Hope you all get scared and are visited by trick or treaters today. Give them an extra piece of candy for me…
I explained trick or treating today in class… and it is just a really bizarre tradition I have to say. I mean why, when we dress up, do people just give us candy… so strange. Our students thought it strange too and when we had a costume party last week to celebrate Halloween we were part of the very few who actually dressed up. We can’t make it mandatory or no one will come. We had some students come with some pretty lame costumes, but the best ones were inspired by American and Japanese Horror movies: several boys came in wrapping parts of their bodies in “bloody” toilet paper…one of the guys had a pair of scissors also wrapped with the bloody paper… they won the “most original prize.” And then a couple girls who got decked out in beautiful dresses got the “best dressed prizes.”
Us teachers of course got involved in the fun and we all came dressed up as different things… check it out…
-= IMAGE 1 =- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요
We got a nerd with a clown wig, a Queen of hearts, Traditional Chinese lady, Professional Dragon slayer looking for work, a Toilet Paper Princess, Walking Lotus Flower, Some Lady and me… a Cook from the Second floor Cafeteria. (That is where I borrowed the clothes from, they were very happy to help. I used my Chinese to borrow the stuff, I told them, THE DIRTIER THE BETTER!!!! They laughed.)
Finally, to really celebrate Halloween, as I had celebrated when I was in College, I invited a ton of students up to my place to watch a scary movie. I didn’t know how many would come, but faced with the choice of EVENING STUDY or a scary movie in the Foreign teacher’s apartment….WHAT WOULD YOU CHOOSE, especially when the foreign teacher is as cool as me!!!! Ha ha ha ha….
They all came. There were more than 30 students there! It was crazy. The movie was scary and the students were yelling at the TV when the knife carrying woman was being chased by the axe wielding psycho and her and her problem child rode away in their new Snowcat to safety. Of course after the movie they told me that it wasn’t scary. WHATEVER!!!! It is hard to compete when Japan makes some of the scariest stuff around…
Anyway…Here is an idea of how packed it was. This is 3 photos combined…..!!!
-= IMAGE 2 =- 원본 크기의 사진을 보려면 클릭하세요

Posted October 31st 2005 10:40pm